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  1. Mr Al Khelaifi amuses me everytime

  2. It's genuinely funny seeing barca flairs lose their shit on this thread ahahah. You know he's baiting them

  3. Every dream of communal terror organisation is to erect a theocracy.

  4. Already 3 injuries from intl break. Injure me as well

  5. It will be very hard to replace a player of his quality. We still havent even found a replacement for Dani Alves

  6. Ok but what about Kounde? Has he REALLY been paid?!

  7. Verratti, KdB, Bernardo, Rodri, Modric, Thiago, Dendoncker, Kimmich, Tchouameni, SMS

  8. Tchouameni is nowhere near top 10 imo

  9. Is it “Seh-ree Ahh” or “Seh-ree-uh Ahh”?

  10. Its so funny watching a couple of people here constantly posting comments saying Benzema is better than Suarez and Lewandowski

  11. Valverde can do everything Gavi does and has better shooting, passing, pace, jumping, etc.

  12. Pedri can do everything Valverde does and is a better midfielder overall

  13. So excited for Barca vs Bayern game. It will be a cracker

  14. Two big matches coming up for us. Against the mighty Cadiz and against Bayern

  15. Raphinha better for that RW imo

  16. why does The Athletic constantly post shit about us?

  17. I mean they could post one article or so but they constantly post the same shit about us

  18. Braithshit should leave. He doesnt play for us at all and is a waste

  19. We’ve delivered about 852,609 pizzas since Chelsea last delivered a successful transfer announcement.

  20. Benzema is better, was better for the entire season

  21. Quality wise Mbappe is better,

  22. Crazy how Kroos and Modric both have five (five!) Champions League titles. That's more than all but five clubs, and it's the same number as Barcelona have won in their entire history.

  23. champions league merchants smh

  24. So what happens to barca they appear on both?

  25. I think we still have deal with EFootball so sadly no

  26. Fati is injury prone and Gavi hasn't proven it at the top level. Cucurella at Chelsea will

  27. You mean his salary will be 4.75M in 1st season and then he will be crucified over the media until he accepts a 50% wage cut?

  28. Sky is saying Barcelona have agreed personal terms with Bernado... is it true?

  29. I wouldnt beleive it personally until Romero gives us the news

  30. if barcelona sign cucurella economics as we know it is a lie

  31. I would like him at the club, but youre right econmically its not viable

  32. I wanna see Barca go bankrupt at trying to buy Messi and then he fails

  33. I doubt they want to buy him just to save them. they want to so that he gets a proper farewell

  34. Kroos, Casemiro & Modric are arguably the greatest midfield trio of all time.

  35. I would say Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets trio is better tbh. but KCM is really good as well and comes close

  36. Individuallu in their primes, Modric > better than iniesta and Xavi as he is more complete player. Kroos the same as xaxi. Casimero also better than Busquets in some aspects worse in others

  37. Xavi and Iniesta are individually much better than Modric

  38. hey dude, thanks for advice, I am looking to join Allen rn.

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