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  1. I agree, especially if we are talking early childhood memories. I have a vivid memory of a tree manifesting into a monster and breaking through a window trying to grab me, as vivid of a memory as breaking my leg (which did actually happen.) Now maybe a tree some how magically manifested it's self and attacked me and then repaired my bedroom window or I'm remembering a scene in Poltriegeist that would of been playing on about every movie channel during that time period.

  2. I remember a trip to Tennessee and every stop on the way including meeting a cousin in Illinois with the same birthday, stopping at the st Louis arch but too much to go up and a crazy cemetery behind someone's house but it never happened according to mom and dad or knowing exactly where I was going at black mesa, 8hrs from home and found the exact campsite I was at but still mom and dad have never been there.

  3. Oh nice thats like 5 hrs from me i believe, i have never been there. The amount of negative energy in this house when we got here and the ability some of the entities had, with appearing as other people, messing with electricity etc, the fact that there are so many and that the neighbors have issues too leads me to believe that its possibly some sort of gateway here.

  4. I'm in Oklahoma in a very old hotel turned apartments by an old fort on indian territory and i have been having the worst time here. Everyone that's been here says something isn't right. I hear them frequently, along with knocking like prison knock code, smelling ammonia and sulphur, freezing cold when it's not and a constant cobweb feeling.

  5. Like picking up on a static monotone radio station from everywhere?

  6. Oh yeah for sure. I have several memories that my brain has convinced itself that it was me who did a particular thing and it wasn't until years later I found out it was my brother or my friend 😅

  7. I remember a whole vacation my dad took me on where we went to the st Louis arch but didn't go up it, went to visit family in Illinois, Tennessee, learned about Cumberland gap, stopped at robbers cave on the way home and a cave in Arkansas where they turn out the lights 5o see if you can see in the dark and I learned that I was pretty good at it but my dad told my mom that never happened. So confused.

  8. I guess I just totally suck at writing my stories. To me it's a big deal, I just don't know how to explain things the right way.

  9. When I walked down the old train tracks to the store there was something behind me that was twice my size. When the grass is tall and dying and crunchy, you know when something is behind you. It was crazy.

  10. Also I have seen the same "person"? In the same place in my hallway and the first time I woke up to someone watching me, it was kinda just shrug it off, I'm not scared kind of situation but the second time I was really scared and I sware I was laying on the floor dying from being so sick with COVID and no friends or family and I heard doves and horses and so many indian people at something like a "pow-wow" and it was comforting.

  11. Me! Thanks to latuda I cooked dinner for myself :)

  12. 60 mg latuda a day has changed my life! I'm so slow, depressed, no motivation, I'm just here and now I'm awake somehow. Not sure how I'll afford it now but it's a miracle drug for me after 25 years trying to find something that gets me out of my depressive episodes (which is most the time).

  13. So I wait for my (hypomanic) episodes that come every 3 months, sometimes more or less. Too feel like everyone else's "normal" from my point of view and I scare everyone off or recently I got hospitalized for a week so I'm not sure about my type 2 or if I'm just super lazy :p

  14. I remember taking Latuda. Helped a lot but caused tremors.. :( the good ones always have a negative effect.

  15. Seroquel gave me permanent tremors. I can see and feel the restlessness with latuda but hoping for the best because my mind feels better.

  16. This is my family. I'm raising $500 until 12/01/2021 for Sampson's hernia surgery. Can you help?

  17. Something worked! I haven't been able to see for a week. Woke up and my eyes are better!

  18. I have removed this post as a private email was shared. Op, you can repost without email or phone if you wish. We will not allow those details to be posted on our sub.

  19. Mine started early December. I have never felt anything like it. I knew I was about to die. I've never felt that before in my life. I slept and coughed till I puked and always felt like I couldn't cough anything up. Was desperate for a humidifier. Sat in bathroom with hot shower on and nothing helped. I stared at the wall all day not moving and didn't realize it, yet wasn't asleep. It started in my neck and went to my chest and back. One day my chest just tightened up and I thought I had had a heart attack. ER didn't give a crap of course. I'm in Oklahoma. I didn't move for a couple of days. Then I got better and then I got worse and then it slowly got better. I am still having problems breathing and coughing. I keep having that horrible tickle in my throat and something just seems off. Something is different. Also, my grandpa passed away in December from pneumonia of "unknown origin"......

  20. Just found out I'm pregnant. Like started feeling something moving kind of pregnant. Im scared to death! No insurance either! Perfect timing! I'm an idiot for not realizing what was wrong with me.......I was going to say I love tornado season excitement....

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