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  1. It's never enough to practice your pull out game, people.

  2. I have a question for the AMA. Did you mother ever snort cocaine when she was pregnant with you?

  3. Because you came out a legend, bro

  4. Why is every thing labelled as a "landmark" these days?

  5. If you're not making money in this market, you're doing something wrong

  6. Well, sucking dick is profitable even in bear markets.

  7. They meant low risk for degenerate gamblers who YOLO their savings on a monkey picture while huffing paint thinner and having unprotected sex with a sex disease ridden gibbon. They never meant it for regular investors.

  8. Quick, everyone shill your biggest bag! Go! Go! Go!

  9. If you're not spending all your free time shilling your favourite coin, you ain't doing crypto right.

  10. Dude we're talking online drugs in 2012. These were nerds exploiting and exploring a new space, not your seasoned leather claded brass knuckles wearing bouncer.

  11. From a great documentary called Breaking Bad, I learnt that nerds end up becoming the most hard-ass drug kingpins.

  12. BLockFi is counting on people to have forgotten all about Celsius.

  13. Alternative headline: After seeing how well it went for Matt Damon, Cristiano Ronaldo wants a piece of the pie.

  14. How sure are we that the Singaporean national wasn't just Do Kwon in drag? He did try to move his business to Singapore just before the crash.

  15. "An old man's diaper and an unregulated market are both filled with shit" -- Crypto Tzu

  16. They just make the numbers up. When a lot of people start withdrawing they either stop the withdrawal, or collapse.

  17. They need to sell their mining rigs and buy some brains, lol

  18. Much like GME, a lot of retail are going to be left holding the bags when it drops down eventually.

  19. What kind of a gamer would want a miner's sloppy seconds?

  20. We have already experienced the era of the "wildcat banks", found out that it was a bad idea, and yet crypto projects continue doing the same. What the hell is the point of history if you can't learn from it?

  21. Bitconnect -- Always stable -- never depegs from 0.

  22. Totally, agree. The answer is a resounding "Yes" XD

  23. You can update your LinkedIn bio to be Blockchain entrepreneur graduated from Berkeley lol

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