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  1. That scene with Joey and the nurse. That will be in forever in my mind

  2. omg yes that scene was insane. The freddy snake scene is the one that realllly got me :(((

  3. I don't function well in environments where I don't feel committed to the work/ I'm working to maintain someone else's "dream" or "goals." I'm a self-employed artist and live frugally/ in a cheap area at the moment. I've gotten to the point where I make enough money to get by -- it's not the most stable and I don't make much, but I think it's the only work I can sustainably do without burning out and crashing. Art is my life and it definitely isn't for anyone. I know that independent contracting can work for people with ADHD, but could also be a disaster for others. It can be hard to self motivate, but I'm grateful to be committed to something I love and still get by.

  4. Was the bell curve on purpose? It makes this such a lovely visual!

  5. Yeah I was imagining how the games would rank on a normal distribution for me. I love how it looks visually too!

  6. I definitely see your point there. I thought SPY had a really good concept with delving into Nancy's life and the story about her mother. I think the execution just really disappointed me... like they had a good idea, but made the story too convoluted and confusing.

  7. Haha yes, Lynch is one of the greats. You should definitely check out possum! Don’t look up anything about it, but watch this trailer. I think it makes the movie better because it just sorta eases you into what the movie may be about. But you’re in for a wild ride lol. I’ve watched this damn trailer 20 times :P Also, was it the Zelda scene in Pet that scared you?

  8. Damn, it's nice to see an actually well made trailer for a horror movie. I love the main character's expressions -- really excited to watch this!

  9. Lol yes, everyone hates the damn Zelda scene :P Hopefully you enjoy Possum! I think I was just in a weird mood on this particular day, but it’s the only time I’ve ever watched a movie again, immediately after finishing it for the first time. I just watched it twice in a row lol. My eyes were glued to every single frame. Just pay attention to the poem he keeps reciting throughout the movie. It’ll make the ending much better if you pay attention to the lyrics.

  10. Ive always had this issue it's like there constantly has to be talking in my head

  11. Right??? sometimes we just need other stuff to listen to so we can turn that chatter volume waaaaay doooown.

  12. I’ve been dealing with this for years. Listening to podcasts, YouTube, music, whatever, to drown out my negative thoughts that lead to anxiety. This year, I have made it my goal to improve my anxiety and I am getting better. The best advice I have received was from another Redditor. He shared the quote, “What you resist persists” Carl Jung (1875–1961). In order to overcome anxious feelings, you must allow yourself to feel them. Sit with the uncomfortable feelings. Remind yourself those feelings and thoughts are temporary. Allow this to happen and you will come out on the other side of your anxiety. Feeling better. I promise.

  13. Thank you! I'm sorry you've been going through this struggle too -- but I totally agree that mindfulness and really sitting with those feelings helps. I needed to be reminded of this. I also write in my journal every night which helps me release a lot of stuff.

  14. Honestly, this is not you AT ALL. This is someone who is NOT a real friend treating you horribly. I've been through a lot of experiences in my teens/ early twenties with people who claimed to be my "friends" who would instead just tear me down, subtly and sometimes not so subtly. A real friend will lift you up and help talk you through difficulties. Consider pulling away contact with this "friend" and looking towards people who will treat you better. Take care.

  15. Personally I think it’s because many symptoms of adhd are relatable to the general public, just on a lesser extent to how they affect people with adhd. People I’ve talked to always hit me with “we all do that, you just have to push past it” and don’t seem to understand that for people with adhd it literally takes over our lives and we are unable to “just push past it.” I’ve stopped talking to friends about adhd because all I hear is “oh that affects me too, maybe I have adhd” when in reality, it affects them every once in awhile, but for me, I am fighting with the symptoms all day every day.

  16. OMG I know. I feel like a broken records sometimes -- I have to explain that these symptoms make it impossible for me to function normally -- it's hard for people to wrap their heads around that if they live a generally steady life. My life is like a rollercoaster, but it's a really underwhelming one for kids. The dips are super low and the highs are like... ground level for most people. The highs are like brief periods of time where I can be almost neurotypical -- keep up with chores, go to work etc... but that never lasts long!

  17. Yeah, exactly. And I feel like TikTok and Instagram are just making the “everyone does that” problem 10x worse because now adhd is trendy and people keep making “that adhd moment when…” videos that are super mild symptoms that literally would apply to anyone who watches it 🤬

  18. oof yeah... it really hurts those of us who are genuinely suffering. Being paralyzed on the couch all day because I am overwhelmed with panic and anxiety about doing a tiny thing that takes 2 minutes is not "cute or quirky." It seriously fucks up my life and has made it so I can't hold down a steady job and do the things that make me happy. Luckily meds are helping me lately. Hope you're doing ok too. Solidarity to you through this bullshit :)))

  19. Yeah 30mg for first dosage seems high. I started with 20mg and recently worked up to 30mg. Make sure you are eating food with your medication (especially some protein). The meds suppress your appetite but eating consistently definitely helps prolong the effects. All in all though this sounds unusual and I feel like you should talk to your doc about lowering the dose or trying a different medication. There are a lot of other options and we all have different body chemistry. Vyvanse may not be the right medication for you.

  20. I'm not a doctor so I can't say for sure how it will effect you, but when I've taken a break from meds it's been hard to recover. One day of meds though probably won't be so bad because your body is not used to them any more. I know of people who only take their meds every once in awhile or take breaks during the weekends etc. I think it would be best to speak to your doctor though if you can.

  21. Yep, this is me to a T. I find that I'll be functioning at a basic level (generally keeping up with things) for a few months, but for me, that's 100% and I can't keep it up.

  22. I quit drinking 100% earlier this year after going through a few cycles of cutting back, but then seeing the slippery slope of drinking creep up on me. I am very sensitive to alcohol and it really ruins any progress I make in therapy/ self improvement. Even just having one drink a night would affect me emotionally the next day -- just a vicious cycle.

  23. Thank you so much for this comment, needed to read this I feel the same as you everything you have said thank you

  24. I'm so glad to be of help and be in solidarity with you here. We're rooting for you !!

  25. In order to get this done we all need to talk to our co-workers in each of our places of work in order to organize together. Everyone in each workplace needs to be in on it together, not just one or two people from each workplace who could be targeted or fired. Talk to your co-workers today and get something organized. Look into local mutual aid in your area to help support each-other through the financial hardship of striking.

  26. I really wish I could delete instagram, but it's essential to me because I'm a self-employed artist and it's how I get work/ connect with others. I have it deleted from my phone though and just have it on my tablet/ desktop which really helps me avoid mindless scrolling. Unfortunately reddit is where I go to when I feel paralyzed and need to scroll and zone out for awhile :''(

  27. I responded to a similar post with the following - hope it helps!

  28. Thank you so much, your insight has been super helpful to me. I find it especially helpful to think of things in terms of baby steps -- the opposite of how I usually feel about things because I'm such an "all or nothing" person. But in reality big goals get chipped away at day by day like slowly shaping a stubborn block of clay into something beautiful.

  29. Thomas Ligotti's short stories are sublimely strange and otherworldly and do not include themes of sexual assault, racism, pedophilia etc. I find his writing to be really refreshing and interesting. I recommend his book "Teatro Grottesco."

  30. When I was maybe five or six years old I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a translucent thing hovering through my room. I’m 27 now and I can still remember it vividly.

  31. That's really interesting... Was it an abstract shape or shaped like something in particular?

  32. I had a memory of something that I shouldn't have had. I was for a split second in a different time. I was, ironically, on a bus. This bus wasn't like any of the ones running around today it was older looking, we were in the mountains or some hills on a highway. Somewhere I've never been to because I don't live anywhere near large hills or mountains and had never been at that time of remembering this. I remember we were going home or something along those lines, it was a long ride, I think I was part of some form of group organization or a class. Next thing I know is the bus gets hit, I think from the front end and then it blows up and I died or something. I woke up as me. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever experienced. It was definitely creepy.

  33. Whoa yeah that's wild. I feel like as children we're really susceptible to the strange melding of memories and dreams.

  34. this movie really took me by surprise. I had to sleep with the lights on!

  35. I watched the foundflix recap out of curiosity and when it cuts to that scene in the barn I almost kicked my laptop off my bed 😭😭 I immediately went to watch it and felt discomfort the whole time

  36. haha! omfg I know that got to me so bad too. I feel like this film is so underrated! It's seriously bone chilling

  37. IIrc, when the illusion is broken, the ones that take you between Anor Londo and Sen's stick around but all the others disappear. Based on that, I'd say it's reasonable to think the ones that ferry you back and forth are not illusions.

  38. so Gwyndolin is just trying to trick us into thinking our friendship with the demons isn't real :'(. It didn't work! The good ones stick around!

  39. They're just part of Gwyndolin's illusion. They ARE technically friendly under all other circumstances. ✨Friendship restored✨

  40. PHEW!! holy shit what a relief. I will pat them on their weird brainy heads now that friendship is restored.

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