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It's local election season in the US! Make your voice heard in state and local elections.

  1. On the bright side you may be getting out at a good time. It's not looking like the next 10 years are going to be fun at all to be living through. I wish you the best and am glad you've found peace.

  2. Do you have an article or source for information on what to realistically expect in the next 10-20 years? You seem knowledgeable and there's so much misinformation out there.

  3. The infection rate right now is insane. I got it over winter break and it hit me like a train. I still can't breathe right. I'm vaxxed, boosted, physically active and young with no other prexisting health conditions besides allergies. This strain is hitting some HARD, but most are mild so take solace in that but also be prepared for whatever may come. Keeping your immune system up and a good dash of luck seem to be the best bet 😁😀😅

  4. Looking to purchase (3) 3 day passes! Located in San Diego, CA and willing to meet up in person, verify, etc. Also willing to purchase and have them shipped. I can provide a shipping label!

  5. Send them the link to your page, ensure they tip you the full 500. Then proceed to create a 3rd party messaging app (kik,snapchat) account and add them. Do your dom thing for 7 days and when the day is up make them pay you another 500 through your original linked account to continue.

  6. Doesn't this go against the ToS of most 3rd party messaging apps? 🤔 Seems like it would make it easy for them to go back and say they never got the content/chargeback. I'm wondering why you wouldn't do the full transaction on OF.

  7. Only if you dont have evidence of the conversation. I use KIK for this situation as i can keep a copy of the conversation even if they delete it

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