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  1. No, but given the lack of corrosion, this image is very likely staged.

  2. As others have said, doing some of the obscure military loads, such as the M88 8mm cartridge, would be awesome. I would say doing just those ones would be a good idea. There are tons of options for the "normal" 8mm.

  3. I don't want to defend russia, but this video smells like bs to me.

  4. Exactly, the propaganda has been nonstop with both sides and this is some of the most obvious.

  5. One of my favorite recipes is to take it and Panko it then shallow fry it in strips like mini chicken tenders.

  6. Wanted to share my two newest pickups from this summer. As you can see I went on a bit of a straight pull kick. First was the Steyr-Mannlicher M95/30 made in 1914 and arsenal repaired/refurbished in the 1930s. Fired it a few weeks ago with some surplus German WW2 ammo. The bolt is super sticky. Not sure if a full disassemble, clean, lubricate would help or not. But had a blast shooting it nonetheless.

  7. They both look pretty good. Did you pick up one of the reproduction mags for the k31? They're cheaper than originals. I've got an m95/30 as well and there's really not much you can do about the bolt unfortunately. When they were built, the parts were hand fitted together, but during the updates and rearsenaling they mixed all the parts and just force matched everything.

  8. Doesn't matter the news souce, I've heard him many times I know what he says directly. I watch him on his platform cozy tv. Every news source will say he is the leader of America First.

  9. Again just because he claims it doesn't make it true. In my opinion, he's a crackpot and you're now the only person I have ever met that follows him.

  10. I wouldn't say I follow him, just curious what he has to say. He was banned from all other platforms so he made his own website to stream, thats the only place you can find him.

  11. Perhaps, but regardless, you're the only person I've ever known to take anything he says at face value. If I want to start my own site to stream and claim that I'm the new messiah, there is nothing stopping me.

  12. Perhaps in your eyes, but I see the same for you voting Democrat.

  13. A $70 minimum wage? That might get you upvotes but won’t get you elected in Kentucky.

  14. You have the inherent right to buy whatever you want, but the government taxes that as well.

  15. BF5 is woke. You have to be on "the right side of history" and not be "ignorant that women could have been on the front lines in the British front of WWII". Straight from the mouth of the former CEO of Dice Patrick Suderland. Check out the things that Swedish liberal said.

  16. The wokeness of it was certainly the biggest issue I took with it.

  17. They're saying that the barrel was cut down to make it a carbine over the full length standard 2A1, but Ishapore built factory carbines.

  18. Can you see any casting marks on the muzzle device/flash hider? Should look be a seam running down the middle.

  19. I think the flag is a good idea, just maybe a different style of flag. Maybe one that isn't waving? The others are static. Or maybe a waving flag that has more perspective (isn't as close/zoomed in). Maybe change the colors so they are a little more "washed out" and less vibrant. Maybe an older version of the flag with less stars.

  20. I definitely agree with washing out the colors some and having fewer stars would be a cool idea! He could go with 44 stars since that's how many were on the flag in 1892 when the krag was adopted.

  21. I picked up this mosin used from a milsurp pawn shop and I've posted it previously and I got alot of helpful info but I just had one more question, along with turning the bolt down the previous owner seems to have cut a notch in front of the bolt, can anyone tell me what the purpose of this is?

  22. I picked up an m91/30 stock this weekend with a very similar notch. I've no idea what it's for either.

  23. Redditors bragging about shit like this shouldn't have their user names redacted.

  24. If we don’t get it back then the straight line should cut through Vancouver island

  25. Training for war? They have fucking shields. Real ignorant racists use guns. You people are clowns

  26. Exactly what I was thinking. Looks more like training to defend a protest from attackers.

  27. EvoSocialism... that's a new one. Trying to solve the famines caused by socialism with the millions of people that usually end up dying because of socialist governments?

  28. Something to do with Berdan primed ammo. Thr SKS firing pin can pierce those and shoot gas back to the shooter. Boxer primed ammo wasn't affected. It was years ago I can't remember all the details but a gunsmith in Texas knows the fix.

  29. All surplus 7.62x39 is berdan. I've never heard of them popping primers.

  30. It also appears to be a single shot bolt action where as the mosin has a magazine.

  31. I've heard these refered to as "Finn Cubs". They're a sporterized mosin done by one of the importers back in the day and sold as cheap alternatives to hunting rifles. They're all sorts of mosins. Yours happens to originally be a 91/30 where as mine was a dragoon.

  32. It's one of the "rare" finnish markings, it was used to mark the finnish army owned rifles for just two months in 1942, before being replaced by the squared SA marking. It litterally means "ministry of defense" IIRC

  33. That's really interesting. Did they only start using the SA mark in 1942?

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