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  1. I think that’s a lot of baloney tho. Nothing really changes the narrative, you get what everyone gets. If you don’t know how to proceed then you can look it up but nothing really changes with VNs.

  2. Actually a lot of things are randomized, almost no individual playthrough will be exactly the same (though of course the main story will still go down the same path overall)

  3. Bias lighting was important for older tv technology because they couldn’t achieve perfect blacks due to the backlight. You’d even out the light in the room, enhancing the perceived contrast because your eyes don’t just flip dilation open/closed, they take into account the whole rooms light.

  4. Bias lighting is about more than just improving perceived contrast, it can also help with eye strain (though it needs to be set to a proper white only light)

  5. OLEDs don’t get as bright though. It shouldn’t be necessary. People can use them of course and I super recommend it for non-OLEDs.

  6. How necessary it will be is entirely preference based though, just because it's not that bright to you doesn't mean others won't have issues. I personally use one at night as my eyes will get tired after a while staring at just one big OLED screen in the dark and it doesn't really affect the overall image quality when it's just set to a static white

  7. VRR flickering is not exclusive to this monitor, it happens on many displays even outside of OLEDs

  8. What exactly is "wrong"? All he's saying is that it's a semi gloss panel, which is factually correct. A full glossy panel would be something like the LG C1/C2 OLEDs

  9. The AW2721D is not glossy, it has a matte coating. The AW3423DW is semi gloss like most TVs, fully gloss would be something like the LG C1/C2 OLEDs.

  10. VRR flicker is very much a real thing that has been a problem with many panels even beyond just OLED.

  11. Nice, I was going to mount mine but didn't trust the Vivo arm I have to hold it without tilting down as it's only rated for 33 lbs and the display comes at around 29 + a couple more from the vesa adapter needed

  12. That was literally just announced at Gamescon a few days ago.

  13. I will make it easy with instructions.

  14. Do you also think that movies in 4k resolution are at lower res when they are in a 21:9 aspect ratio?

  15. 120Hz is huge for gaming in the future. If the Sony does not have this that is a big iff for me. VRR and Gysnc and AMD's version are all huge personally. For VR and other things going forward. I would not call these minor gaming things. They have also have super low input lag boost as well.

  16. Uh Sony has 120hz and VRR which supports g sync though, input lag difference is around 3ms according to RTINGS comparisons

  17. That's a $1200 chair...doesn't seem low budget to me. Nice setup though.

  18. Most people don't buy them brand new, you can get them used or refurbished for much cheaper

  19. Thank you. The fact is that if it's a GPU problem I have to RMA it very soon, and don't know what to do.

  20. I haven't had this issue on my A80J but when I had the LG C2 plugged into the RTX 3080 there was tons of flickering when switching to 120hz, I was only able to resolve it by getting a higher quality cable. Strangely though my original cable had and still has no problems with the A80J running 120hz.

  21. I will investigate this matter as soon as possible

  22. A90K is more of an all rounder with better image processing and the C2 has a slight edge for gaming with lower input lag and a couple extra HDMI 2.1 ports

  23. This guy keeps spouting about some mythical image quality disparity between the two but there literally is none unless what you consider image quality is enabling lots of processing stuff.

  24. I mean, there definitely is a difference but something tells me if I pointed them out you'd deny the points I made anyways. If you want to just go watch any image comparsion between the C1/C2 and the A80J, such as Vincents where he personally says he prefers the A80J for media consumption and the C1 for gaming. I've owned both the C1 and the C2, and while both have an excellent image I could still notice improvements in several areas on the A80J such as how details are handled in darker scenes and motion in low frame rate content. Although I did also notice the C2 made a lot of improvements over the C1 in some of those areas too which was nice to see.

  25. IKEA Bekant goes down to 22" and is 550$ and has an IKEA warranty

  26. Hmm interesting, do you have any experience with it? Just wondering how reliable the motor will be and if it's wobbly at all, etc.

  27. I'm leaning towards it since 22" is definitely the closest thing I've seen to my desired height, but the wobble does have me a little worried as the weight of the 42" TV I'm putting on top of it is about 29 lbs without the stand and 36 lbs with the stand, my PC is a mini ITX that can fit on any desk pretty easily so that will be another 10 lbs added. I'm sure the weight isn't an issue the desk is rated for 154 lb but I think if the desk was wobbling at all while I was typing it would definitely become annoying quickly.

  28. Ah yes the classic "I'm not in the mood to provide any evidence of the bold claims I just made, do my research for me"

  29. The A80J is definitely a better value right now but as it is discontinued it will probably be sold out at most places. Here in Canada best buy was having a clearance sale on them for a few weeks but it seems the 55" version is gone now.

  30. What’s your main use case? If it’s just exclusively gaming and as a PC monitor, then LG C2. But if you plan for mixed usage, like both gaming/PC and streaming content on the TV apps or watching movies, then Sony A90K.

  31. According to RTINGS input lag on Bravia TVs is at around 8ms I think, though we haven't seen an official review of the A90K yet so could be different

  32. When gaming the processing is done by graphics card not tv

  33. Shitting on people? I'm only talking to you. Don't drag other ppl into this shit. Believe what you wanna believe I could careless. I've already done my research. Move on

  34. I can literally scroll up for two seconds and see you arguing with someone else saying the exact same thing, "I've seen many reviewers say". Yet you still haven't provided any of these reviews when I asked you to link one. Which review objectively proves that the C2 and the A90K don't even come close to each other as you say? Am genuinely curious to see what you have based your research on.

  35. Yea it's been quite difficult to find a comparison since the a90k still seems to be fairly new. I use external speakers (studio monitors) as I do a lot of audio editing work so they won't be used much, but it's always a plus to have a good set of internal speakers.

  36. Sony generally has the most accurate image out of the box compared to other brands aside from Panasonic I believe but those aren't available in most countries

  37. I was also considering buying one of these, the seller seems to restock them frequently

  38. Look at Microcenter, I think their protection plan includes open box.

  39. Canada here, checked the estimated shipping date a couple days ago and it was estimated for mid October if ordered that day, checked now and the estimate is September 8. Looks like production really is speeding up

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