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  1. Totally agree with the post above. I have a Remington. It’s shit. I mean it isn’t now but it has a new stock, new trigger and needs a new barrel. I can’t express how shit the trigger was from new. As in so heavy I thought it was broken. The twist of the barrel is 1:12. I didn’t know any better. Basically I needed to replace every part.

  2. I’d have bought a Desert Tactical/Desert Tech 20 years ago if the grip didn’t suck so bad. All they had to do was make it AR grip compatible and I’d be their biggest fan.

  3. You know. I had the same thought. Surely a swappable AR style grip would be the way forward. That grip isn’t as crap as I thought it would be. It’s actually well designed, not too big, and allows pistol or PRS style grips with ease.

  4. Wow. That’s awesome looking. It has to be hella loud.

  5. Yeah, I only put the brake on for the pic as I don’t have a mod yet. I too share that concern. Think it would be a bit or a disaster!

  6. Er.... what!? Almost none. Last year i did 3 covers when we were absolutely desperate - it came with an apology. Happy to support the team in these scenarios. I have done one this year so far.

  7. Great review. I had a T2 for a brief while - bricked it about it bricking it! but agree about the ease of use, AMAZINGLY clear view finder, and overall solid feel. Not sure if I regret selling it if i am honest... but its a fab camera. At £500 - I would buy it again - I got one at £750 and sold for £1000. But enjoyed using it.

  8. Ah. The ‘I’m too shit to be a parent so I’ll pretend some fantasy man in the sky is watching and judging your actions instead’

  9. She toxic as fuck. Tell her that’s fine. Pack her things and leave.

  10. I might try some tippex, but my business manager is ... A piece of work. She'd probably tell people I'd tippexed parts out.

  11. And then you reply 'that is why i redacted parts, because you are not professional enough to keep your mouth shut'

  12. I know nothing about sewing - but DAM that is amazing - love how its shaped. material looks great. If i wasnt a man, id be wanting one!

  13. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - The camera is box. Get good lens and good film. Practice lots

  14. good tenants are well worth slightly less income, as they save you a fortune in other fees. Life is tough, and you have been fortunate enough to inherit a good asset. Keep it, and keep the income and don't feel bad. You don't sound like a bad landlord - so stay a good one!

  15. This is exactly me - I now tell my mate what i am buying so he can either sell it or steer clear!

  16. We do this too - it really is just a protection thing for the school if someone is a complete disaster and does not respond to support. If you are fine, you are fine and don't worry about it.

  17. When people where asked what they’d improve about the M6/MP they mention frame lines, viewfinder brightness/size, additional shutter speeds and maybe more ISO options.

  18. Leicas are seriously great, but they’re also seriously hyped. For some people, they’re exactly the right choice, for most people they’re just a status symbol. For some, they’re also entirely the wrong choice.

  19. This. At My uncles now. Ex pro photographer. Has the candy list of cameras. Lots of hasselblads. 7 Leica M cameras. That’s right. 7. Contax 645 (just used that today) ton of nikon Fs. Etc etc. we were chatting cameras today and he said that his beaten up M2 will take just as nice a picture as his titanium pristine m6. It’s the lenses that count and all the camera is is a light tight box. He also said that the clients can’t tell the difference. It’s o my the man behind the camera. And even then half the time he couldn’t either.

  20. Another in the minority here. Love my DT. Criticisms about the magazines are justified, and the bolt isn’t ‘buttery smooth’ it’s like the difference between a posh girl and a chick into BDSM. The DT bolt likes to be treated roughly and works best with a firm hand.

  21. Totally agree. Much prefer the larger dial…. That goes the right way. Massive missed opportunity there.

  22. For travel digital photos sounds like you'd be better off with the 50MP X1D ii 50C if you want a Hassy. Everyone is rushing to sell them off now that the new 100MP version is out. The ergonomics of that camera are fantastic. I sold mine because it's missing a common function (typical of Hasselblad design oversight) that would have made the camera more useful: a mechanical shutter, like the Fuji GFX models have. This means you can use the adapters to put your older V mount lenses on the X bodies, but you're stuck using the crappy electronic shutter. The Fuji cameras don't look as cool or handle as well, but they're actually better and more versatile cameras than the Hasselblads.

  23. Thank you. Really helpful. I had not considered the orientation issue really and that I would need a 90o viewfinder

  24. If price is no issue, get Phase One XT. Otherwise consider the X1DII, Fuji GFX 100s, 50sII.

  25. Really liked the fuji options - the 50s was the first one I looked at really but it’s yet ‘another’ system. I really want to slim down. Useful feedback

  26. Terribly. There is a reason there are so many after market mods. Everything is crap. I made same mistake knowing nothing. Got a 1:12 twist long assed barrel. Totally wrong for what I needed. Ironically I have worked a load that shoots sub 0.3MOA … (6round groups) so maybe it’s ok. But it’s got a new stock and trigger that cost more than the rifle. Get a Bergara, and a nice fast twist rate of shooting .223.

  27. I teach History - Neither. The one below is the best if you can only have one.

  28. I’m going to throw disco into the mix. Circles of INTENSE salt and vinegar flavour. Amazing

  29. Totally agree - this isn't a male = female thing. This is a standards and certainty of consequence thing. We have several very slight female colleagues that some staff wont even mess with! All lovely people who are, like me, ruthlessly consistent. My new, young, female ECT has made a great start taking on my advice for this.

  30. Lovely - I have an FDE one, but a lot of friends have some interesting paint jobs - I will try to get them up here at some point!

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