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  1. We are plumbers. And framers. And drywallers. Nobody dose it like us

  2. I’m always a fan of pans labyrinth, love that movie

  3. One I haven’t seen on here yet, ‘Circle’.

  4. He thought the overall circuit impedance could use a little less resistance

  5. Could you use a tattoo to cover scar tissue? Yes, but I have heard it’s more painful than normal skin, and doing it on your hand is also a tough place to start in terms of pain tolerance and placement. Imo start with your arms and then move down to the hand when your arms are complete. A tattoo like the one shown takes up a significant portion of the best real estate on your whole arm, the outside forearm, for a simple black and red background. You only have 2 outside forearms, I would fill them in first with cool pieces and then get a hand tattoo to complete the full sleeve

  6. I can attest that I did not have any ‘extra pain’ from having scars. I have much larger scars than what he is showing. I think it’s negligible with that scar, no difference there than would be on his other hand. That said, it’s not a huge area of scaring, it’s smaller than a dime or the same size, so, it’s not like the artist would be pounding on that area for a long time. If anything, I didn’t feel anything on the scars, there’s no nerve endings anymore, I think. Overall, no difference whatsoever. That said, my scars are 10+ years old and fully healed. When my tattoo artist asked how long ago, he wasn’t worried about it. He said he was more worried that it happened rather sooner than later, per say.

  7. Just an 1/8?? Bro that’s once in a lifetime, break out that Venmo account STAT!

  8. Liners can almost 100% prevent this from happening

  9. Apparently I followed this post and I thought you replied to me with my last comment I deleted LUL

  10. I had a full GT sub that pinned all on the bottom. I flipped the substrate sideways and let it fruit on both sides. Boy that was tricky though 😂

  11. I heard these aluminum trays are problematic :/ I won't do it again without a liner but can I still eat these or is aluminum all up in my babies? :(

  12. Yes they are fine to consume. However, you are correct, no aluminum pans, without a liner. I had a PE substrate that ate through the pan before the first flush.

  13. Why does the camera person always suck at videoing rare encounters?

  14. Yeah that’s what I’m wondering. 20g - 30g of fresh mushrooms sounds awful to me. I’ll occasionally eat little ones from my grows but the only time I’ve been with someone who puked everywhere was when they insisted on taking fresh ones.

  15. The best experience I’ve had has been off a 14g wet PE from the sub. It was about as strong as a 5g trip. Which I was use to at the time. To each is own. Who the fuck cares LUL

  16. We know one thing, he’s not a discord mod.

  17. I was really hoping they would forget that spot, or, get the spot but then go outside the line. I want to see the world burn.

  18. If it’s the first flush, they’ll get bigger, usually.

  19. Amateurish. You should always weigh down someone's bag from the bottom up and a little at a time so they don't notice the weight gradually increasing.

  20. Best one I’ve seen with this. My buddy did this to another friend. Over the course of about a week, my friend gradually added double barrel saddle grip MC connectors into the bottom of my other friend’s tool bags. Inside the connectors, my friend put 1/4”x20x3/8” bolts and 1/4x20 hex nuts inside connectors.

  21. Hmm, is there a way to make it less wet? Is it going to mold or is that slowing the growth?

  22. At this point, not really, what’s in there is in there. Condensation is a huge contributor to build up of excess water, I’ve found. If the room you’re keeping it in has a decent amount of temp change, it could be the culprit.

  23. I enjoy muting it and having some good music in the background. The way it’ll sync sometimes HA! Eminem’s Real Slim Shady came on when there was hundreds of pink flamingos on the screen, needless to say it added MUCH to the hilarity of it all.

  24. I was banned for a post asking everyone what’s the first word they can think of that rhymes with trigger

  25. I remember this morning, all too well. My birthday is 9/12.

  26. I hate the new marvel. It can entirely fuck off forever.

  27. Why are you being such a dick? All of your comments make you come off as a pompous ass who thinks he’s better than everyone else. I looked at your post history, your first grow, as you claim, was 78 days ago…. REALLY BRO? I consider myself as an inexperienced grower, in some senses, and I’ve been growing for 4+ years. You seem like a dick and if this is the vibe you’re putting off in this community, get lost. You are of no help to anyone actually trying to learn. If anything, you’re like a bully. Correct me if I’m wrong, please, but wow dude, chill the fuck out.

  28. I’m worrying about not using a casing layer I heard it was not required and people fruit inside all in one bag without one. I should be fine tho right? I’ve seen mixed opinions online

  29. FAE is your friend. I would suggest checking out ‘Bod’s easy as fuck tek’ on Shroomery.org. Helped me A LOT.

  30. First off you’d never be able to re pull an MC through that if anything ever went wrong. I won’t use MC for anything but lightings whips unless the specs make me

  31. Milwaukee tape measures are far by the worst.

  32. That’s crazy because that’s exactly how I feel about the Klein one. You can’t push that thing out to 8 feet without it folding over on itself. I’ve had the same Milwaukee wide blade for 3 years. My Klein from my apprenticeship probably only lasted 6 months.

  33. This is where I get my bias from. I’ve been using DeFault for years on tapes. This only solidified it for me.

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