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  1. I remember my first 7 nightmares and I was like “oh the name makes sense.”

  2. Bro has two first names what kind of take did you expect ?

  3. This is so out of left field. I’m still trying to process the Kanye stuff

  4. I can translate…he is saying something Jordan peterman would say.

  5. This post looks like a promoted ad

  6. I wonder if they eat alpha male right wing food or soy beta male left wing food

  7. The press uses they/them pronouns because they are multiple people

  8. All this to play over watch? Who hates themselves that much

  9. I instantly hate a person if they use this word in a tiktok video

  10. I played dissidia but not this ff what’s the story here ?

  11. No lex just watched Naruto. Not everything revolves around destiny

  12. That’s why they believed in Greek mythology.

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