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  1. Turn them into machine guns? Lol…a machine gun is a rifle. I think you meant full auto

  2. “Machine gun” has a legal definition which those glocks would fit under.

  3. It is indeed. I’ve actually considered doing exactly that, but the only reason I haven’t is because I very much enjoy the shocked reactions I get at the range when the absolute shockwave from this rifle goes off.

  4. My experience with Full Auto vectors (and a lot of otherwise well like machine guns) is that they are very finicky to get to run reliably.

  5. 300 Ham'r 8" barrel 110 vmax up to 2379 fps with a1680. Not too bad.

  6. I don’t understand how this is different than .300blk. Like an extra 200fps?

  7. This is really cool, but it’s kinda a solution looking for a problem.

  8. Stock CZ P10 trigger is better than any glock trigger

  9. In the US, companies are required to report demographic data on all applicants.

  10. He had been abusing her for days by this point. It was definitely self-defense, whether he fell asleep or not.

  11. That’s not how self defense laws work.

  12. Shocking that racists are in fact racist.

  13. The 158gr fiocchi or ppu is the quietest factory ammo you can shoot. No 147gr will even come close.

  14. Why does it matter if the round is going 1000fps vs 850fps in terms of sound performance?

  15. I don't know the scientific reason why, but i promise you 850fps is much quieter than 1050fps. I shoot 9mm and 300blk and it's the same with both.

  16. Yeah that doesn’t make sense. What the other guy said about chamber pressure is more plausible.

  17. When you have more money than sense.

  18. Bro the people on this sub may light you up. Let’s see how this plays out

  19. Basically a submachine gun that has the ability to lob 220 grain 308 cartridges

  20. 220 gr .300blk is no where near 308 performance

  21. I agree with this 100%. the v max bullets should be supersonic and right up there with 7.62 PS. Subsonic should be slightly better than fmj .45 ACP, and recoil just slightly more. AP should be neck and neck with 7.62 BP. Even bump the FMJ bullet up some to make it a little more powerful… They did not do .300 blackout any love on this game lol

  22. You want them to make a hunting projectile perform the same as steel core projectile?

  23. Nope. Nothing to do with ballistics at all, surprisingly.

  24. Are you saying barrel length doesn’t play a factor in terminal performance at all?

  25. Recently shot a 12 gauge hunting shotgun and i can NOT say the shotguns in this game are realistic

  26. Haha, glad we have some weapons experts in the thread

  27. Top tier competitive shooters are shooting tuned guns and ammo alongside practicing constantly.

  28. The left keeps crying "fascist!" at their opponents while they secure both corporations as tools to push their politics as well as weaponizing several arms of the government like the FBI and DOJ to go after their enemies. The left is running textbook WW2 Italian fascism. They are also working damn hard to disarm the population and forcing their agenda on the children of their opponents with no concern over the rights of the parents. At some point the shit is going to hit the fan.

  29. My best friend of 40 years has been a sheriffs deputy for 24 years. I was surprised to learn he doesn’t carry on his body when off duty. When asked why he said that a gun is almost never required when dealing with confrontation. He said that a gun being presented ALWAYS exacerbates emotional tensions and disrupts any option for rational negotiation or discussion. He said the most important tools he has, on and off duty, are his ears. Being able to not only hear but also listen to people is the most powerful skill a peace officer can have.

  30. BRB using my ears and listening to the crackhead with a knife to calm him down.

  31. Believe it or not there are de-escalation tactics that work on people under the influence and mentally unstable folks beyond blowing a hole in someone.

  32. Which de-escalation tactic stops mass shooters?

  33. When I worked at an indoor range? Every single day as part of the closing procedure.

  34. I was asking op because bimetal jackets shouldn’t be an issue if he has regular cleaning and a decent range setup

  35. The issue is that you need significant forced airflow in any indoor range as a protection against lead exposure (particularly due to the compounds released when lead styphnate primers detonate). For safety reasons, that airflow blows from behind the firing line towards the backstop.

  36. Generally a libertarian. Past few years have made it clear which side is willing to take away both my ability to provide for and protect my family.

  37. Who needs a flashlight when the front of your gun is as hot as the sun!

  38. I’ve never understood why they start glowing red hot after 1 mag

  39. Handgun rounds will overpen just as much as .223 of not more in terms of drywall

  40. Well I'm not shooting up my walls indiscriminately dude. I'm worried about overpen on the target. Your talking about wall penetration. Not target over-penetration

  41. I can’t tell if you’re trolling or just on the first hump of the learning curve where you think you know everything.

  42. Yall are so dense, you can turn down the fox news for a second. The legally acquired guns the professional security company uses with trained & tested bodyguards is not against any call for gun control.

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