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  1. First, well done you. And you make a great Point about the echo chamber, plus very few people are ok discussing money in actual Numbers (myself included). I’m 55 in a month and really feeling the urge to make changes, but terrified bc, to your point about feeling like it’s never enough, WE HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED TO NEVER THINK WE WILL HAVE ENOUGH! The generation before me (sorry Boomers, you guys really do suck) we’re the last to have any kind of pension (excepting teachers and some govt workers), and this began the brainwashing.

  2. I'm 40 and I have a pension, company funded @ 6% annual salary every December, pays a monthly dividend based off the 30yr bond yield from September. At 50 it goes to 8%. Its fully cash transferable after 1 yr employment. So if i change employers i can take it with me. They also match 401k @ 6%. The pensions are out there, just very slim picking. Totally agree about the brainwashing.

  3. I am too, but you can't deny the cop, and the Milwaukee leadership was/is are horrible people too.

  4. He wasn't insane though. He knew what he was doing was wrong enough to lie, manipulate and cover up his crimes.

  5. Anyone who kills people and eats them... its a mental illness of some kind, just b3cause we don't understand wtf is wrong with them doesn't mean it's not mental illness.

  6. As someone who has eaten this in Istanbul while on a vacation. 100% can confirm, this is mother fucking delicious!

  7. Just get rolls of quarters, yell "FUCK YOU" and throw quarters at people. That's as close as I've ever gotten.

  8. Don't do this at strip clubs... you will get tossed and beaten with your own money.

  9. If only my family would pay off my mortgage. I hate that monthly payment. Literally, I loathe it. For my own personal mental health I would pay the thing off tomorrow if I could. Then I would save that payment on top of my current savings rate for 4 years and buy a 2nd to rent out. Save for 3 years, buy a 3rd. Save for 2 years buy a 4th.... so on and so on. Then I'd quit my job and live off of rental income and sit my fat butt on a beach somewhere, buy a cheap boat and overcharge tourists for fishing excursions. Yup. Fishing and drinking. Thats what I'd do.

  10. The personal mental health thing is definitely a factor for me. I'm doing full time schooling and almost full time at work just to make ends meet, even when I feel my body is breaking.

  11. Wow that's a steep tax... its impressive you do FT school and work, it sounds like it would pay off for you to pay the home off and maybe you could cut back on work till school is done. Whatever you decide you're way ahead of the game!

  12. You can donate it... to me! 🤣🤣 but seriously, with that kind of income and zero debts you should be able to do some awesome.community outreach work or even just leave a waitress a nice big fat tip once a week when you go to lunch or dinner. $100 to you will be nothing, but to someone in need could mean the lights stay on or they can buy their kid a jacket and shoes.

  13. Idk why but when I here a white person say lemme axe you something it gets under my skin. The word is ask!!

  14. An environment can only handle so much of any element before it could be a problem, also with technological development that problem can be fix. Also coal can and does release sulfur among other thing into the atmosphere, this sulfur gets into the natural water cycle, does that sound any better?

  15. Most of the sulfur that is produced by fossil fuel process is recaptured and reused for other industry production, the measurable sulfur that is emitted into the atmosphere is measured as SO2... and it's incredibly small amount like less than 10ppm small or less than .06lb/mmbtu annualized for most sources. I'd be worried about NOx way before SOx as a pollutant.

  16. You got cashed out if they sent you a check... thats your money to do what you want with. It's $100, put it in whatever you wish.

  17. You'd have to check with your current plan... usually if your previous balance is under $500 they just cash it out and it won't really affect your AGI once you get the 1099 in 2023 for 2022.

  18. You were hit by an unloaded tractor, you need to call an attorney. End of story. Your insurance will try to underpay you, so will his. Just let the attorney deal with all of it.

  19. I've never heard of a public agency giving bonuses. They're usually tax funded. .y wife and I both work the public sector and I have friends in all levels at multiple agencies I clouding water districts. Never seen a bonus. Maybe I'm in the wrong state... But engineering will like lead to better advancement opportunities.

  20. My best friend is a hydrologist for a local water district, his bonus last year was 12k... maybe it's dependent on region and if the utility you work for runs off a deficit budget? Idk.

  21. I will say I am lucky in that I get two days from home a week. The bonus thing is wild! I need to go private lol

  22. My bonus this yr will be around 25k, I work for a major midstream company. I am the enviro police so I get to tell all the engineers what they can't do and I love it! Effing 23 yr old kids with big ideas, sorry kid, too much NOx, too much CO, to much ozone, to much VOCs, do I need to continue?

  23. I hate Spencer a little less now. That's effing gold!

  24. I had a neighbor like this in Germany. I would purposely leave my boots on just to piss him off a little more. He did call the polzi, they came, we had a beer, they left. Lol

  25. If I was the AD he would have been fired before the plane took off from Dublin. I get losing to a rival and a good team, but NW... cmon now. The N has a long way to go to be good. They got spanked in the trenches as the game wore on. Too many missed tackles, LBs filling wrong lanes, out of position, to many guys playing for me and not us...

  26. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but if the plan allows an ira rollover you could in theory roll over into it, but thats capped at 6k/yr... nvmd idk where I was going with that. Lol

  27. Meh, I wouldn't have drank it of it was left out... just like Nebraska shouldn't be in anyone's top 25, neither should texas or usc. 🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♂️

  28. I keep trying to pause to see what the sign says can anyone else make it out

  29. We've come to talk about our lord and savior... jehova witness be getting aggressive

  30. So here's the thing. He is 100% taking advantage of your generosity and simultaneously screwing you over. As a dude who makes a significant amount more than my wife(like 50k more or about 60%), she's a teacher. Anyway we split bills proportionally... if the mortgage is 1000, I pay 600 she pays 400. If it's 2k I pay 1200 she pays 800 and so on.

  31. Good work and congrats on the luck. Can I get 100k? Hahaha. Jk. I'm hella envious of your financial situation. Do you bro, buy the nice car, buy whatever you want, you earned it.

  32. Luckily for us, we don’t really care about fancy stuff. We don’t like to drive, we haven’t owned a TV in 15 years. We just like making art and spending time outside, which are both extremely cheap pleasures.

  33. Thats awesome you've found something that your both passionate about together! Sounds like yall will enjoy a healthy financial independent lives for many years! Thanks for the motivation to do better! Keep up the good work!

  34. It all depends on the DTI with the loan vs without the loan. I'd say as long as your under 30% with the house and the car you're fine. If you're borrowing more than 30% of income to purchase the home. You might think twice about it.

  35. You are absolutely right, but in my refinery we produce aluminum hydrate haha. I’m currently at this plant just for the experience and to learn the basics. Im 9 months in and already learning how to run the boards, and i want to at least get a year of experience so if I ever wanna apply at a bigger plant, my resume would look better.

  36. So you're in a fertilizer plant... once you get that year of experience you'll have enough experience to get into a power plant or oil refinery. If you can get on at say phillips 66, exon, chevron, marathon, or BP, hell even a midstream company like TC or Magellan, you will be golden as an operator. The retirement packages at all of them are phenomenal. You're super young. The hours can be hard when you're as young as you are, but retirement by 55 with a pension sounds better and better th3 closer I get to it.

  37. I live in Corpus Christi Texas, so theres some plants here in the area such as Valero, exon, oxychem and chernier. Im pretty good with hard labor and catch everything really fast, so even I end up going to college im gonna try to not let go of what I’ve accomplished here.

  38. Magellan just opened a splitter in corpus, just an FYI. Lots of hiring there for operations. Also marine terminals.

  39. Somebody said free wings, im here for the wings!

  40. First off. Change your mindset or you're going to have that feeling forever...

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