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  1. So was it the water guns, or the woman in the bra with an exposed stomach that got a nsfw tag?

  2. I always travel by bus with a lance. I sort of hang out of the window with it. That way, if there’s a bus coming the other way, and that bus also has a lance guy, the joust is on!

  3. "Private Pyle I'm gonna give you three seconds; exactly three-fucking-seconds to wipe that stupid looking grin off your face or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-fuck you! ONE! TWO! THREE!"

  4. Meanwhile in the early 1900s they had no issue with opium mixed with alcohol or cocaine laced medicine. It’s all good. But watch out for that marijuana! Lol.

  5. That must be the “added on” $1000 service charge for the privilege of using Ticketmaster. Lol.

  6. They were massively overrated. Movies were good, music was good but everything was pretty dingy and brown.

  7. Did you see the movie “Midnight in Paris”? It’s all about wishing you were from an earlier time because things were simpler and nicer. Very enjoyable Owen Wilson movie.

  8. Isn’t that all pop ups and total garbage? I checked that site out and wouldn’t go back.

  9. Pop ups or pay a fortune for cable just to watch a few games a week . I can deal with pop ups

  10. Issue with that shady site is far from just pop-ups. Don’t get me wrong - I’d rather watch for free too!

  11. That sounds like a film Nicholas Cage just couldn’t turn down!

  12. Yeah I love the original and often rewatch it this time of year. I don’t have interest in a remake.

  13. I live in Saskatchewan. It routinely gets to - 40 Celsius or worse in the dead of winter. It's very hard to exist here.

  14. Did you know -40 Celsius is also -40 Fahrenheit? That’s the magic number. Fun fact. I tried to ski once at -39 F with a -89 F wind chill. That wasn’t a good idea. I’ve skied at -20 F and it’s frickin’ freezing but somehow doable. It certainly helps to be crazy.

  15. I would never own a property near water. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, even more so as the years go by. It’s only going to get worse.

  16. How about knocking the asteroid purposefully to have it crash/explode over a specific country? Conduct that secretly so the impact seems totally like a natural disaster.

  17. I tested my fire alarm, that doesn't mean my house is about to burn down.

  18. I use the Wico bat handle. It has been a favorite since the 80s.

  19. We drank the glacier water in Jasper National Park (Columbia Ice Fields). The tour guide recommended it actually. It was awesome! I mean sure, we all died shortly thereafter but overall a positive experience.

  20. Ross Coulthart, In Plain Sight. Anything from Ross is very well written/spoken.

  21. Finished the audiobook of this recently, it's really good.

  22. Lol, yeah it is a little dry. He’s a great source though.

  23. Hey ask if she can speak with any of my deceased relatives! That would be cool. If she picked an accurate name I’d freak out.

  24. This q just made me realize a lot of the descriptions of ghosts sound like what a LiDAR 3D image looks like — and LiDAR is a snapshot of the physical world frozen in time. Maybe the ghosts wear period clothes because a ghost is an imprint of that person, or snapshot of their energy at a specific point in time that got stuck

  25. What’s always perplexed me is why are clothes or non living items part of seeing a ghost? It’s not like the dead guy’s top hat and cane died.

  26. Every time someone says “Hurricane Ian”, in person or on the news or weather, I say “Een” out loud. It doesn’t matter where I am.

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