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  1. I never hear of any Iranians stand up for Kurdish rights. Your like one of the only few?

  2. is adequate for GPS directions, and works most of the time. Google maps doesn't work well with the roundabouts unfortunately and sometimes thinks there are intersections where none exist. For example, google maps will tell you that you can cross Peshawa Qazi on Ankawa but you cannot, there's concrete barrier between. however routes you around the proper way. There are other instances of things like this, which is why I recommend Idk why ppl are suggesting Google maps, my guess is they maybe don't live in Erbil.

  3. Because traditions are different between us and foreigners.. For example I'm a man and when I was searching for girls to marry, Arab girls seemed compatible with me, but when I dig deeper they had so much stuff (daily routines and traditions) that was new to me and didn't resonate with me, changing lifestyle is very hard. so I gave up (I'm not giving more information).. For a Kurdish woman the concerns are muuuch more. for example Arab wives take care faaar too much for their husbands, while Kurdish wives don't, so the girl has to learn so much more to just feel like a normal Arab girl for his husband. And the girl usually have to travel far to her husband's city and disconnect with its family.

  4. Shit. Its an state in syria run by people who follow islam where it is a sin to be gay, what do you expect, seriously it’s hilarious how yall think its a gay haven, the people who flew the pride flag in raqqa got kicked out

  5. Yes, the region is deeply homophobic and transphobic. While some may tolerate you, the majority will not. There's a lot of work to be done when it comes to GSM in Rojava and the Middle East at large.

  6. If you truly want to know - there are virtually no rights for gay/trans people and it is frowned upon and not socially accepted. Sure, you likely won't be murdered but you won't be accepted and likely to face severe discrimination by most. You'll face tired arguments about how the "LGBTQ debate" is similar to accepting paedophilia and grooming. These are tired and old arguments we've heard a million times by far-right fascists, conservatives, and yet the "revolutionaries" of the "party" also use it to uphold their non-acceptance. The "party" is deeply homophobic and it's truly disappointing. It seems some believe a person is only "revolutionary" if they fit into a certain demographic and certain set of values.

  7. I removed his post, but the other mod "just_an_mod" here seems to have a thing against LGBTQ ppl. I'm consideting shutting this sub down because of it.

  8. Some of you seem to be against LGBTQ ppl since I see your downvotes, but then I ask, why are you here? Revolutionaries are fighting oppression, they should not be oppressing vulnerable and persecuted minorities who have suffered chronic discrimination at the hands of fascists, authoritarians, and capitalists. You cannot claim to be revolutionary if you are not for the rights and protection of all minorities, including LGBTQ ppl. LGBTQ anarchists and revolutionaries were there fighting against ISIS at the most critical time.

  9. Exactly right, it is a very sinister thing to do.

  10. You're going to have such beautiful children. 😍 I wish you the best. Go for it!

  11. Yes, that's right - but in 2019, internet was down for like 2+ months in Iraq (not talking about Kurdistan region).

  12. I know, but I'm not talking about Kurdistan. I was talking about federal Iraq. In 2019 everyone from Iraq was going to Kurdistan to check their email.

  13. We spoke via DM briefly, but for anyone else who's Kurdish and LGBTQ or questioning - there are some amazing LGBTQ Kurds and allies on insta. IMO, seeing these public figures can be a source of strength and hope. Check out a few of their public insta pages:

  14. These are the young girls killed by the drone, such innocence did not deserve to be murdered.

  15. I removed this post. I know many of you upvoted it, but it's clearly against TOS. I keep saying this, but it seems to be a lesson not yet learned: if you don't want this sub banned, don't post content showing war gore/bodies exploding/bodies flying through the air due to RPG hits/calls to commit violence/any reddit TOS content.

  16. That sub is very racist and sexist, and many users there are genocide deniers. I was banned from that sub a long time ago for calling out Saddam sympathizers. I asked how they could support someone who killed so many Kurds and their mods perma banned me for it.

  17. The problem with these is that there is no way to verify any of the claims about who these people are. For all we know these are two Turkish people and all the rest of the demographics provided is bullshit. Maybe it isnt. Who the heck knows.

  18. I saw another post on here, just today, with similar language, also coming out of Turkey. It talked about an “African” doing something and then offered the same clarifier in parentheses, as if it makes the OP less racist. If OP doesn’t know whether they’re a refugee, migrant , or illegal, then they also don’t know that these folks may be fully credentialed Turkish citizens.

  19. Exactly right, this user is intentionally using language that will incite anger and backlash against the minority they're targeting. Their post history is filled with racist attacks against minorities and refugees in Turkey.

  20. They're a far-right turkish nationalist and fascist trying to promote hatred and xenophobia against Syrian refugees. They also do this against Kurds and Armenians. There are many users similar to this one, going through various subreddits, posting this nonsense and hoping it will stick. They're doing this to try and legitimize deporting Syrians, stir anti-refugee sentiment, legitimize an illegal invasion in NE Syria, and also legitimize their country's illegal attacks of Kurds in Northern Iraq.

  21. It has gotten negative press, they still don't care

  22. This article accurately describes my experience. For the meta subreddits related to countries in question (avoiding naming them so I don't get chased/brigaded/slandered), there is a strong sense of nationalism that often crosses over into fascism. Most in the West wouldn't catch it because it's not in English, and sometimes it requires at least a minimal understanding of the culture and history - however, there are many cases of overt racism and hate too. There is a significant number of users espousing these toxic values, who consistently attack and persecute Syrian refugees, Kurds, Armenians, and recently, Greeks. It's well documented within international media, nationalist mobs from these users country attacking Syrian refugees, innocent Syrian or Kurdish students being attacked and sometimes murdered, brutal attacks on elderly Syrian refugees, arbitrary arrests of Kurds simply for being Kurdish. The meta subreddits related to the country in question, their government and military has led genocide against Armenians and also extermination attempts of Kurds, documented by Human Rights Watch and UN. They're bombing the country of my family, killing civilians, and just today more children were murdered by indiscriminate bombs. With that in mind, they are also using reddit to stir nationalist sentiment and vilify innocent people, making the most derogatory and slanderous xenophobic attacks. There are many posts vilifying innocent civilians, stirring hate, blaming them for all societal problems, and it is such vile and toxic hatred. Some friends I know receive photos from these people of dead Kurds and other horrific things. They organize brigading yet their subreddits remain a toxic playground to advance hate.

  23. I love seeing more and more of a farmers uprising.

  24. Except many of these farmers are being courted by fascists and far-right politicians like Marine Le Penn and Geert Wilders. These protests are not what they seem, for those familiar, they represent a very conservative and right-wing movement.

  25. When people like white supremacist Tucker Carlson are cheerleading Dutch farmers, it's time to reevaluate your values and whether something has gone awry. The farmers have legit grievances, but global right wing taking up their cause is a huge red flag. Also, many farm owners are like factory owners, they exploit labour big time with temporary foreign workers who are paid less and almost always are taken advantage of.

  26. Me? BrainwashEd bro 24/7 you post about bad stuff in turkey and comment about it. it seems like you addicted to us more than the most nationalistic Turk

  27. Your government is busy murdering my people. Of course I will post about it. The world will know how pathetic Erdogan, current Turkish govt, and Turkish nationalist are.

  28. So what I hate erdogan too maybe not argue about something most Turkish people don’t support online

  29. You talk about Erdogan suppressing others, including yourself, yet you defend him and fascists murdering innocent ppl and trying to deny their participation in genocide. You are a very confused individual. :/

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