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  • By - rvenx

  1. The spelling mistakes are irrelevant, all errors regarding to form and presentation would usually be fixed by a competent editor.

  2. It's because politics since 2016 is a trend like Emos, Punk etc was back in the day. For all the talk those people do about how 40k is a satire they have no fucking idea about anything they talk about. They throw stuff around like Fascict, Marxist and whatever other label around as if they know a thing about it. Thats why all those annoying people who overanalyse 40k with modern politics are so freaking annoying.

  3. Good post. For all the yapping about satire a lot of the audience seems to be unable to recognize it even if it jumps right at their face.

  4. Impressive how you got the goggles in. I just gave up with mine and left them black.

  5. He should turn into a bouncy castle and its all fun and games until sanji becomes trapped under his foreskin.

  6. Bonney making the robin crying face outta nowhere with no build up. Oda is really insistent on recycling everything from pre time skip but oddly pacing it.

  7. What build up do you want. Kuma is her father and we know what happened to him. It's also quite likely that we get blackflashes soon

  8. The scene has no buildup oda drone. The robin crying face was the climax of a rescue arc. This was crammed in between jokey costume change panels.

  9. To be fair the whole Sanji being some kind of royalty and prince thing was cleverly hinted at for ages. It's just that the actual reveal of the new backstory was sorta fucking shit and didn't add anything of value.

  10. Tbh this has always been my problem w/ Sanji. Just how he treats his crew members besides the women. Its really offputting to me. I think he has some nice moments and cool fighting abilities, but as a character, he's not really likeable to me.

  11. The problem is that he's also not growing out of his antics. It's been more than 20 years now that he's still this one-note - despite having had two arcs for himself

  12. Baiting can work if the switch is worth it, but in Wano that just wasn't the case quite a few times.

  13. Oh yeah, what was that shit all about? Did that statement by momo ever get clarified?

  14. Excellent post my man. Oda is really dragging down his manga with his decision that almost every aspect of the story has to be some secret or twist without him having the ability to deliver on it. It just ends up being frustrating and boring

  15. In regards to this news, will the ferry from busan to Fukuoka start doing tours again, or does it already? I'm in sk already and I might just hop onto the boat on the 11th if feasible.

  16. I enjoyed the game but I won't lie - the ending left me a bit cold. After Monkey Island 2's ending, Thimbleweed Park's ending and now this, it's really dragged down what was an amazing game until then.

  17. To be fair a lot of things in the first two games pointed at it being the delusional fantasy of a kid larping in a amusement park.

  18. I have the same empty feeling. If it literally is the ending of MI2, why even bother and create a new game? They even made it clear, that Guybrush himself isn't remembering it the right way by giving us a dialog about "the ending getting weirder every time" right before fading into the credits.

  19. I think gilbert wants to clown on fans who care about stuff like lore in monkey island. By spelling it out that it doesn't really matter to him and it's all made up, in the most direct possible way.

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