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  1. Just like OP, I wanted to have the experience of having a "glow-up" and become suddenly really good-looking in high school. It actually worked out for me - I went from chubby glass-wearing awkward kid to skinny blonde bombshell. I mastered the art of hair and makeup, and became known as "the model" in school (as I also started modelling).

  2. I would add a comment that differs from the opinions expressed here so far.

  3. I've eaten many times in the Astral plane. The realist of it depended on how "strongly immersed" i was in the experience. Food tasted delicious, with texture and all (I especially vividly remember having cheesecake). I did not feel full when I woke up, but my taste buds were satisfied for sure.

  4. Definitely always been disdain for me (spelling and language nerd here).

  5. Angel by Massive Attack. Leaves me shivering

  6. How often would you say you need this done and is it costly? - struggling college student😭

  7. Honestly, I do it like once a year, with 1ml.

  8. I recently went to have HA injections in my lips as I do from time to time, and asked to visually shorten the distance between the top of my lip and the start of my nose. She did so by injecting my philtrum. I must say, it worked and looks real good.

  9. I was a huge fan of Fantasia, watched it dozens of times as a child. I remember the goldfish scene. And now, I re-watched it on YouTube - exactly as I remembered, my memory was definitely triggered.

  10. Not quite what you asked, and likely to ruffle a feather or two, but it is a good read, I've been meaning to dig deeper into the topic.

  11. An interesting study, thanks for sharing. Although I am a proponent of meditation and mindfulness, I see what they mean in the article. It is indeed interesting to view if from the side that in some cases or at certain times, it may not be appropriate to meditate.

  12. This app is saying I look like Sunny Leone and Sashay Grey... I wonder if there is a hidden meaning in that 😅

  13. I was there in like 2012 I remember it was behind glass too

  14. Huh. I was also there in 2012, there was a glass.

  15. Anyone else feel that Italy grew just recently? It is now almost the same size as Spain and France and takes up a huge chunk of the Mediterranean!

  16. I am a geography fanatic, and I remember all of those being exactly like that, no changes. I live in Australia for that matter, we have always been close to southeast.

  17. Interesting! I noticed many times, people notice changes for areas where they themselves do not live, and see changes in parts of the world that are far away from their place of residence. Someone was talking about how the place where I grew up had changed for them (them not being from there], and I was saying how it was always the same as it is now for me!

  18. In my experience, I look at myself in the mirror and find myself looking good, better than in recent times. Also getting a lot of attention suddenly.

  19. Some of these seem to be improvements…bigger heart, kidneys are more protected now since they’re behind the rib cage. It’s very interesting, like these were known to human weaknesses in a past time/place and they’re getting improved so maybe we’ll survive longer

  20. Yeah I thought about that too. Many of the organs seem to have become larger, the kidneys are better protected, the liver is huge (great detoxing power), the lungs are huge, the heart is protected by the sternum, there are fewer floating ribs since they are almost all connected to the sternum and that is a more solid structure, there are now two bones in the shins which would make legs more stable... I mean, these redesigns are an upgrade! 😳

  21. Hahahaha, I actually dealt with the same thing recently. It's called the "xiphoid process" and is cartilage at birth but hardens into bone around age 40. Freaked me out too! Apparently it is easily cracked if you're ever given CPR (new fear unlocked; thing hurts like a bitch with even mild pressure applied).

  22. Ouch! You are right, this bit is super sensitive! I too was very slender and suffered from anorexia and never had that bit before!

  23. I have a doctorate in medicine and took extensive courses in anatomy and physiology. No one will ever convince me the anatomy of the human body hasn't changed. There are physiological changes too, like drugs not having the same effect. This goes for legal and illicit. Alcohol is completely different now. I could go on forever.

  24. Please, do feel free to go on forever - this is fascinating, especially coming from a professional in the field.

  25. I think almond is very flattering on you!

  26. Oh yeah my brother found that out the hard way this winter when he was checking the weather. He was convinced the weather in Barcelona, Spain would be about 30 degrees Celsius in November.... nope! He was quite underdressed indeed during that trip! (He checked the Barcelona,Venezuela weather.) We were all very surprised!

  27. I know some history of Spain and as a catalan person there's no way nobody mentioned ever one city in south america called after the catalan capital

  28. I know right?I live in a Catalan-speaking community here in Spain (not in Catalunya though), and the people aroune me also never heard about any other place being named Barcelona.

  29. I made a really beautiful geometric painting, and a few small ones but haven’t tried in years. I’ll type up the dream, but I have to be in the mood, and use my computer instead of my phone. May not be tonight but I’ll write it up soon. I have a few more experiences too, I’ll type them up too when I get a chance

  30. For what it is worth I would love to hear more about your experience! ! I'd love a long story, if you have the time and desire to share of course

  31. I support your feeling. Do you still know anyone from that time? That you could bounce ideas off? Or maybe try self hypnosis. Do you want to talk about feeling wierd? From my perspective you seem pretty normal, I wish you kindness for your self.

  32. Or try actual hypnosis with a therapist.

  33. For me, Florida is a little bigger - it's Cuba for me in that area that is ridiculous now (much bigger).

  34. That is so odd to me. I went to Cuba a dozen times. I also lived there for a while. I remember also seeing the news about how Cuban people would make the trip from Cuba to Florida in small boats to escape the regime... and it made sense, since Florida was the closest element on the map. I can't believe my eyes that now Mexico seems even closer! It makes no sense to me, as people might have tried to escape to there too, since it is so close. And that was never mentioned as an option.

  35. Huh. Around 2007, when i was a teen, I had a boyfriend who was obsessed with buying "fancy" alcohol. He had a giant collection of empty bottles in his room. (Oh, God 😵) This was one of the alcohols he bought regularly. I remember at first it was Hypnotic. And after a while it became a very weird spelling, I cannot remember which exactly but for sure it was no longer Hypnotic. Maybe something like Hpnotiq. I was weirded out and confused. I even asked him if they had changed the branding. He was confused and said no; it was always the same. Weird.

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