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  1. Lol why does he carry a Canadian rifle?

  2. Hold backspace to turn off your systems whilst drifting towards them.

  3. Wait you can turn on chat in replay?

  4. Nah, she should be playing League of Legends.

  5. Why couldn't I find this on WebMD? Thx BTW.


  7. Consider him half of L's character. So, half as good as L. Half of a lot is still a lot.

  8. No, since Misa couldn't see theirs despite having their eyes.

  9. Yeah but despite having the eyes they still follow different rules. For example Rem tells Light she’ll kill him if Misa dies before her lifespan runs out, implying she can see it even though Misa has a death note at that point.

  10. Yeah, but Misa is not a Shinigami. She's still human despite having the eyes and posession of the death note.

  11. 250$ for an escort tho. Sex guaranteed without having to listen to her all night.

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