1. For once I agree with the NYT. I was very disappointed that Trump didn't pardon Assange.

  2. Republican grandfather. MAGA Republican but lost his reelection a few weeks ago. Crazy. 2a sanctuary city too. The boy was living in a republican wonderland and went nuts.

  3. Most of us have never seen these images or advertisements from the Spanish Flu which are eerily reminiscent of the last 2 years, which should show a lot of people that legitimately same story different timeline.

  4. With COVID, sometimes it feels like a war where we ordinary citizens get conscripted and thrown into a war machine. Basically we're in WWI or some kind of Special Operation for to kill Nazi and Viruz. Bodies and statistics.

  5. You mean allowance. How much time did father and son spend together? Republican Gramps just lost reelection too.

  6. Kanye never complained about banging kids but now he thinks the red wave was a psyop?

  7. I have not watched yet but I would just like to point something: is it just an anecdotal evidence bubble of mine or is there a huge number of celebrities dying in their 40s and 50s, out of the blue? Often with no death cause made public?

  8. Ss: Not a conspiracy, but what a fkd year since last Thanksgiving. Sides were formed, families split, I'll bet this will be a drama-filled event at many dinner tables.

  9. Yeap I just took him to see Biden at one of his rallies and he was crying all the time lol

  10. He was supposed to be red flagged due to his huge rap sheet of terrorist behaviour so far. Not a single image of the young rifleman shown so far. You or I? forget it, our house and our kids and dogs would be front page.

  11. A lot of them regretted it also. People were duped into thinking it was an actual vaccine

  12. Maybe start your own thread vs whatabouting this one.

  13. Crazy no one is talking about Salame the co-coo. Republican bff.

  14. Haven't "seen" them drop dead? Oh, okay, then please ignore the actual mortality data because, you know, you haven't seen it or the "vax" murdered.

  15. Show us. Opiate overdose deaths were over 100k last year. That directly hit middle aged white American mortality rates.

  16. Instead of showing you which i did innumerable times on my

  17. The person that owns all the apartment complexes in your town

  18. Are there really any good guys or bad guys at this point? How would we ever know? Every single current conspiracy has been politicized and it’s team vs team aka good guys vs bad guys. Moon landing, JFK, Fed, etc weren’t team vs team. It was us vs them. Now it’s us vs us. Is there any way for us to navigate?

  19. Ss: he must pay for his pedo crimes

  20. I'll bitr... who is Amy Conett Barry?

  21. I'll bitr? What? Red wave coming this November 8th. Gonna stop funding Ukraine.

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