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  1. So do you want the history of tarot and meanings of cards? ? Because as you learn you will in inadvertently begin to read them. And you will then become a tarot reader

  2. That’s not what I’m saying. My muscles don’t just get tense. My whole body is guided to move and walk and place my hands in certain places. Sometimes energy stuck somewhere is removed. Sometimes I travel to certain lifetimes of the clients to see an issue and then reiki basically works through it. A number of things happen but this is a small example of what I experience

  3. Wow 😯 you just 😬 good luck may the force be with you 😂

  4. Mmm you guys do know auto correct can be the issue sometimes ! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Saw noone responded. No expert on boveda..but generally a set up with glasses/cups of water for spirit guides (non blood lineage usually). Teja literally clay roof tiles used as sacrificial icon for ancestors...given by lukumi Babalawo. I assume with egun odu imprinted on it.

  6. Thank you so I have a table with that set up and a mirror there. I have also had the pleasure of helping fellow brothers and sisters with that table set up! Thank you for the response.Then I have my Teja outside by front door anddddd an ancestor staff that likes to live outside!😍😍❤️

  7. Ask your teachers but I would think your ancestor staff would be next to your teja. It's used to call them to you. morning and when making offerings.

  8. My egun staff is sassy 🤣🤣it came up in an odu That it specifically wants to live in a house near the window with a shrub. I was 0.o 😩because I am apt life right now and I found an apt with something like a houses yard to suffice until I purchase !

  9. Yes, but it's not really for public consumption. But exactly secret, but also not something I'm comfortable sharing where everyone in the world can see it. :)

  10. Mmmm but in the isese way women can go on to become chiefs if that’s in their path. We have a real womb I don’t think this information is correct. A lot of the community including the ile I complained about once that I am apart of think it’s crazy but the Africans allow it and let’s be real it began in Africa. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. There is not one Orisa to the head in Isese... you can choose to stay with what you have but that is your choice. The only gaurdian Orisa for Isese is your Ori which will potentially accept Other Orisa

  12. Oh wow! Okay so In the isese ile I will be initiated in because I finally feel settled per my last thread 🥹✨we have a mother and a father orisa ! Yes ori is there as always it’s ori but we do have the orisa that takes your head or is your guardian angel bka whom you’re the child of; the baba divines and calls it. Sometimes certain Orisas will govern certain parts of your body as well! I happen to have Osun governing my legs she protects them.

  13. What you are saying is a mix of Isese and Lukumi. Many are doing that too here in the diaspora. As long as you are happy. This is an individual journey and people will have many opinions about it the more that is shared.

  14. Bbuttt that’s what the brujas are for to protect us in times like these; fear not! Also is it bad I’m thinking A little prayer to orunmila and then have a reading it should/could come up in the reading then do the ebo! Have faith ❤️❤️❤️

  15. So it sounds like you’re in a ile that is or mostly Hispanic/Latino. A lot of the “African American” lead lukumi ile, it’s not uncommon to be crowned in Lukumi and travel to Africa to make Iyanifa, egbe priest, iyami etc with isese later. We don’t mix the two (in practice), but a lot of ppl have ties on both sides. Like, there are isese (that aren’t crowded orisa ) babalawo that get crowded orisa in lukumi later and v.v. Ppl like me, who have isefa in isese first and then initiated lukumi. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Just my 2cents of experience and observation.

  16. I think this may be my life and I’m Happy you commented to not make me feel crazy a lot of people frown upon me. Butttttt I’m Doing the work it works for me and It’s for me

  17. Go for it. I mean, ask Ifa first, but if it’s for you, it’s an option. Or you can just switch over to isese fully and get crowned and move forward from there.

  18. I have asked and it’s okay for either way. My hesitation was with crowning the Spanish way and having hinderances on my path

  19. Gives you the authority to sacrifice 4 legged animals or any other that require a knife. Allows you to work without your own godparent present. Basically a way of saying "this person has learned enough that they are on their own"

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