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  1. People aren't paying attention to the question. The OP is not asking why the money hasn't appeared in his bank yet, after having been sent by Google. He's asking why Google hasn't sent the payment yet, money still showing in adsense account.

  2. Have you actually received this months pay into your bank account yet? I got mine but Adsense still shows pending and no email confirmation yet.

  3. The website is good for tracking delisted companies. At this stage, doesn't look like you can claim the loss.

  4. Well the point of the fee is that you have access to the capital loss, and you can't do it otherwise until possibly years have passed. You could transfer the shares to a mate somehow probably to realise the loss but there would be some sort of fee for that too probably.

  5. I only bought $500 worth of stock so a $150 fee to sell them is a bridge too far, unless I can also add that fee onto the capital loss claim?

  6. Your employer contributions count towards the cap.

  7. I'm self-employed so that's not an issue. I've checked the ATO website under the "concessional contributions" section and every year displays the cap available except 20/21 when I changed super providers and this year 22/23. I'm assuming those years I can also claim the unused cap for?

  8. If look at the section Super | Information | Carry - forward concessional contributions it should give you a single number for all the previous years you can contribute. Just leave the year as 2022-23 and look in the blue box. If you have never made any super contributions it should be $102,500.00

  9. When I check 2022/23 it states "We currently have no carry-forward concessional contributions information to display". 2021/22 states $50,000 unused concessional contributions. I'm just surprised it hasn't updated with this year's amount yet.

  10. Mine hasn't updated either. It's usually been on the 8th most months this year (although usually there's a range of days from 7th-12th it can finalize according to Adsense FAQ). Probably delayed due to midterm elections but who knows?

  11. The 27.5k per annum is inclusive of employee superannuation contributions. Also, the tax benefits of super below 45k are marginal and for most people not worth persuing.

  12. I'm self-employed so I exclusively make my own super contributions. What do you mean by marginal benefits? How much concessional contributions should I make given my income?

  13. 19% tax on the dollar between $18200 (tax free threshold) and $45000. Therefore you only get a 4% tax break on concessional contributions. Since benefit is minimal, most people prefer the freedom and flexibility of not locking it away into Super.

  14. Alternatively what would be a better strategy? Contribute less and fall into a higher tax bracket?

  15. Instances of YouTubers actually being sued by copyright owners are very uncommon. For a YouTuber just getting started, I wouldn’t worry about it. You’re on nobody’s radar when you’re a fledgling channel.

  16. But what I'm saying is, it seems like a mistake to submit a counter notification because then you are legally obliged to back up your claim in a court of law. Just accepting the strike would avoid this problem and there would be no further legal proceeding.

  17. Try searching for it on Google and YouTube. Shadow banning means hidden from search algorithms but not removed entirely.

  18. It's like watching a 5th grade autistic kid who didn't prepare for his class presentation on modern politics.

  19. Did you have super chats already enabled? It’s weird it worked for me after someone told me to do it

  20. No they weren't already enabled. Turned super chat on then refreshed with no change.

  21. I found a fix that worked for me

  22. Personal experience is always a good one to draw from, though some of it is probably luck as well.

  23. I've never imposed my will on anybody. My body my choice means even though you don't agree with someone's choice, you defend their right to make it. Since the beginning of this pandemic, that time honored social contract has been broken. For the government to endorse this type of targeted vilification of conscientious objectors indicates how little we have progressed as a society. There are more protections on men who refuse conscription (forced military service) than those who refused these COVID vaccines. Not even religious exemptions were given. Let that sink in.

  24. Those vaccines weren't approved under Emergency Use Authorization. I tend to support vaccines that have a proven track record of efficacy over time. Protein-based vaccines.

  25. Why would YouTube have accepted you two weeks ago only to then reject you today because of videos you posted a decade ago? Wouldn't that have affected your application the first time? A brief look at your channel shows infrequent uploads and reused vintage footage. Something triggered them to re-check your channel. Probably that viral short you published 3 days ago got their attention. Very odd for a music channel to suddenly release videos about horses.

  26. In the email from YouTube it says “We found that a significant portion of your channel is not in line with our YouTube Partner Program policies.” This is why I’m confused…

  27. "Significant" is a highly subjective word that could mean multiple things to different people. This canned response from YouTube is more referring to those one or two videos you published which are generating significant views/revenue but appear to be reused.

  28. OP is just fantasizing. No logic involved in this post whatsoever.

  29. What do you think he'll do to those that oppose him this time around?

  30. oh yeah it’s been over 50 days, have you experienced this?

  31. The money has therefore already been refunded to advertisers unfortunately.

  32. Yes. I didn't lose as much as you but it was painful nonetheless. I'd advise you to treat every paycheck like it will be your last.

  33. I don't watch news programs of any type. Why would I listen to a bunch of news casters with no direct expertise in the fields they are reporting on, and then be concerned about their opinions on the topic?

  34. Funny how both parties always seem to find the money for wars but can never fix any problems at home. It's almost like democracy is a myth and both parties don't represent their constituency in any meaningful way. Could it be the corporate lobbyists who bribed these same politicians who vote for war against the interests of the people? Golly gee I wonder. But all is fine I guess according to you, nothing to see here. Oh look Russia boogeyman coming to get us!

  35. Russia will do just fine. It's survived under far worse conditions in the past. China will forge stronger economic ties with them buoying their economy as they also seek to distance themselves from the West. America is an empire in decline and it will implode into debt defaults in the not too distant future. I'd be investing out of US dollars if I were you. The ruble has been the best performing currency this year (

  36. Kinda hard to project strength and dominance when you're an inch shorter than Ben Stiller.

  37. Watch the media blame this trend of on-field heart attacks on post-COVID infections rather than the obvious poison jabs. 11 amateur footballers have had cardiac arrest whilst playing this year and 50% of the players tested had heart arrhythmia. But nothing to see here of course.

  38. Ever wanted an excuse get out of that dreaded involuntary servitude called jury duty? Well apparently many places in the world now require proof of COVID-19 vax status to enter the courthouse which means the unvaccinated will be dismissed from serving on any case. Another perk of avoiding the poison jab!

  39. Time will prove me right and people like you will never admit you were wrong. You will just keep pushing more of these lies.

  40. Everything I've claimed is cited with sources. Project all you like but it is you who is not willing to admit that you are wrong. I'll be waiting for your apology come June 5th.

  41. Citing a source and understanding it are two different things. People like you will never stop pushing these lies. Mostly because you don't understand what's going on.

  42. I've defended every point I've made. I've cited multiple sources. You however have cited nothing and I've refuted your points with hard facts you clearly haven't researched (like the 2003 outbreak). Try to derail the conversation all you like but ad hominem attacks won't save you now.

  43. I read that one. It wasn’t a paragraph of nonsense.

  44. Numpty can't comprehend paragraphs. Only sentences. Celebrates victory. Numpty confirmed.

  45. I'll tell you, obviously it's an anecdote, but the only people I know getting sick are all vaccinated. People I know who never got sick are now catching colds every 3-4 months. I hope you're wrong, but I don't think that you are. Yes, I'm unvaxxed, they pushed the gene therapy too hard and it was completely unnecessary. Institutional trust obliterated..

  46. They are getting re-infected with the same virus because their T-Cell immunity (memory) has been erased by the gene therapies. Dormant viruses are also being re-activated in the vaccinated causing conditions like shingles and herpes outbreaks. The problem for us is: what happens when 80%+ of the population become violently ill and cripple the health system? Who will take care of the sick who can no longer work or contribute to society?

  47. I'm not dismissing the think tank. I'm dismissing the idea of monkey pox as a severe threat until it actually, if ever, becomes one. This is how the fake pandemic started two years ago. This sub was inundated with post after post showing Chinese people collapsing in the streets and being rushed away by men in hazmat suits. Exactly none of that happened here or anywhere else in the world that I saw over the last two years. I'm highly skeptical at this point of any narrative being pushed so heavily.

  48. You've got nothing to worry about if your unvaccinated. Even if you are exposed to this monkeypox virus, it'll pose little to no threat because you have a functioning immune system. The problem is, most wealthy countries have pushed out these mRNA gene therapies which cause the immune system to atrophy or shut down especially among those boosted. Thus monkeypox will go from being a benign infection to smallpox-level lethality.

  49. I got approved already :( you just wait a month until it happens

  50. No you accidentally left YPP and re-applied. There's no guarantee they'll approve you a second time.

  51. What's difference between George Washington and Guy Fawkes? George Washington won and wrote the history books to reflect himself as righteous victor.

  52. Update: I sent feedback from YT studio around an hour ago or so (5:45 PM GMT+1) and an hour later when I checked my studio I saw YouTube creator support chat icon on my dashboard. This feature is only available to monetizing creators but I haven't received an approval email.

  53. The same appeared for me about 3 days after I applied. I've been chatting with live support every day but they're as clueless as Team YouTube on Twitter. The annoying thing is, if they don't approve us soon our revenue will expire (returned to advertisers) after 50 days since we were last in the program.

  54. Update: This morning (around 5:58 AM GMT+1) I sent another feedback and repeated an hour later (around 6:59AM GMT +1).

  55. I know this is late in the day but I have an update for you. I got rejected from YPP on May 4th for "Reused Content" which I knew was a false claim and challenged it via video appeal. Just got re-accepted today (May 7th) to much relief. Thank God I pressured live chat to sort it all out because they were in the wrong. Anyways, has your Adsense updated yet to reflect your last revenue before demonetization? I believe we both fall within the 50 day policy regarding payment.

  56. Same thing happened to my channel. Similar type content as yours. Got the blanket "reused content" policy nonsense and appealed it to no avail. The policy is so vaguely defined and enforced that YouTube can demonetize anyone anytime they feel like. Plus they don't pay anymore if you're rejected from YPP. Then your money expires after 50 days if you don't get accepted again the next time. Total scum company who've gone majorly downhill since 2021. They don't need us creators anymore because they can put ads on any video they like.

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