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  1. Sweet, I'll never own a house. I love paying $1,500+ for a shitty apartment in the midwest for the rest of my life. Love it!

  2. I know in the comments there's people defending the banks. Like dude! $900 a month is $900 a month no matter how you slice it.

  3. I'd rather apply at least some of that money to a returning investment when it comes time to sell, rather than pack the pockets of the elite who own my apartment.

  4. No one here is talking about the fact that on a mortgage you are actually putting money towards something.

  5. Hows their customer service and warranty compared to others?

  6. I have had to utilize it for my own fault when I didn't make sure my can was staying tight.

  7. It would help but you’d need more manufacturers to make cheap 5.7. If someone would make a steel case 5.7 we might see some significant drop in price.

  8. As the title says will all the money y’all are spending on your build you can afford the $200 it costs to build out a GSW kit and a regular BooBoo kit. It just may save your life one day. For under $200 and a few hrs you can get everything you need and then some In this kit: 2x cat t tourniquet 1x Israeli bandage 2x chest seal 3x quick clot 1x foil blanket Gloves Full BooBoo kit with everything from small to large wounds and various meds for just about anything you may face. Additionally for that price you can also get some basic bug out essentials I.E. water purification tabs and other life saving essentials.

  9. The Vector, MP5, P90, MPX, VZ-61 all have less recoil than an AR-15 even on full auto. Lightweight guns with a direct blowback system will recoil more, but there are plenty of PCCs/SMGs that are very controllable. An old school Uzi is direct blowback and they're not punishing with recoil control at all.

  10. The cheapest ammo I've found in the passed year has been Blazer Aluminum 9mm for $12.50 a box. My P365XL runs it so that's what I grabbed.

  11. Not gonna lie, I did not wake up this morning expecting to see someone looking for gummy bears on the NFA sub. Glad you found them though. How are they?

  12. You’re not gonna believe this, but there has been a sealed bag of gummy bears on my nightstand for months now. I got around to cleaning and decided it was time to throw them away and just out of curiosity decided to look at the name of the brand.

  13. I think by basic design they just are loud. If you design it with any aspect that intentionally reduces the sound, the ATF wishes to regulate it.

  14. Usually a little thing built into the lower that when the magazine is empty, it holds the bolt back.

  15. I literally just bought a complete Aero lower to do a 10 or so inch 5.56 and a 8 inch 300.

  16. The db numbers seem genuinely too good to be true. I'll believe the hype on the Spark when there's a review or testing from a trustworthy source.

  17. Not advocating buying from someone else, but these guys provide a pic of the baffle stack

  18. What part of VA? I know a strong sig dealer in the Hampton Roads area that I have seen have MPX's before, not sure if they're in stock right now but I almost bit the bullet on a MCX.

  19. I’m currently in the Tidewater area. What’s the name of the shop?

  20. Cause guys need justification for paying 2x more for a gun that won't see the light of day unless it's range day to flex on the poors who could care less in what they have

  21. I would. Normally $130, pretty standard "normal" price IMO.

  22. I have one of the chameleon ones I put on a build. 2500 or so through it with no problems. The top finish is slightly worn off where the front of the chamber contacts the slide as it cycles but hasn't cause a single issue other than cosmetic.

  23. If it's too much just focus on making what you got even better. I had to stop buying firearms awhile ago because they way outpaced my ammo supply and how much I could actually use them.

  24. This is a good idea. My favorite bgun right now is my AR9 build. It's a freaking laser, is so soft on recoil, and just feels perfectly balanced.

  25. I'm pretty fond of arisakas control items, finger stop out at the front, handstop in the middle. Arisakas lights are great but the 300 series is not adequate enough imo, also I prefer 18650 batteries simply for the availability of them and recharging them. CD rein lights are nice for all in one don't think about it packages, or if your going cheaper on lights the stream light options are great just don't put them out near the muzzle as the glass can break, and under recoil you might see battery bounce where the light flickers. Not really a big deal but noticeable. My stream lights have all been great as stopgaps or for secondary rifles.

  26. I have such a short barrel and rail, I really dislike how the finger stops look on something so short.

  27. No it’s okay. My sister has this weird condition, and we thought it would be bad to be so wasteful…so, next thing you know, new family favorite beverage. Trust me, even though it can be a little funky, it’s a lot better for you than root beer 😋

  28. I had this same exact issue, I tried contacting Winchester and they pretty much told me that it happens and brushed me off pretty fast.

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