1. You should swap to a different seat that has less faux-suspension and therefore is lower to the ground. You can also see if a different seatpost has a higher clamp height. Check Amazon for seats - if anything you can return if it doesn't work for you.

  2. Haha I forgot to edit the title. I mean…5’3” is short, but not VERY short…. 😂

  3. Not the hex bolt. It is the pin where the derailleur pivots fore and aft at the connection to the mount that then actually mounts to the bike. It is tolerable and probably wouldn't be considered bad enough for warranty and I wouldn't have even suspected anything if not for the clunk and that we bought 2 others at the same time that don't have the same 'wiggle' as this one that initially clunked. I eliminated the clunk with adjustments, so it could be fine now, but if the wiggle gets worse, I will certainly contact the warranty dept. We just got them in about a week ago from the black Friday sale.

  4. If there was a dehydrated form of meat-derived dry food you could add water to and cats would eat it, sure. Could you point to one? Not really aware of one.

  5. Pdfsam is great. Can also extract pages from a libgen pdf to make specific reading selections

  6. Consider networking and starting informational interviews. People are very supportive and there are several groups on linkedin to help academics transition. DM if you want to connect and I'll link a couple groups I've found useful. We're in different fields, but it could be a place to start off you haven't done much of this before (like me).

  7. I don't actually enjoy the high from mushrooms that much. The body high I get always makes me feel like I am in an elevator going down for 6 hours straight. And the worst part is I can never get comfortable, tossing and turning always.

  8. Your description of the body high resonates with me. Super uncomfortable.

  9. Which form of LSD are you using? 1V-LSD (and probably 1D-LSD) is fat-soluble. And 3µg is on the low side. More guidance can be found in the

  10. Yep. I’m with you. Do you happen to teach composition?

  11. I feel like only someone who teaches writing can have the lived experience of that first paragraph. That's my bias.

  12. That's really horrible and I'm sorry that happened to you.

  13. I wish I could do such a thing without fearing repercussions.

  14. Hospitals have always been a shit show. I’ve been heavily invested in politics for the last twenty years and the situation is no different now than it was 20 years ago. Total deaths are stable despite Covid also. Hospitals will always be jammed, and overpopulation is great contributor to this. Let’s please get some perspective and step outside of this Covid bubble we’ve been living in.

  15. I don't think you can cite overpopulation AND claim the situation hasn't changed in two decades at the same time

  16. I’m not sure where people get this, we used to have about a 7-8% serious infection rate and now we are at 0.3%, the death rate is also much much lower, at what point are we going to stop with the fear mongering? Yes it is more infectious but less lethal and serious which means more people are getting immune. Time to stop being afraid and live life.

  17. I understand your licensed in many states, but I'm concerned about when the exception to the Ryan Haight Act ends. What about the Ryan Haight Acts requirement to conduct an in-person medical evaluation?

  18. The institution will never love you three thousand.

  19. Affinity is cheaper and runs smoothly. The hot keys are consistent across the other programs.

  20. My journey went from Teens to Jeans but sadly it ended there and only now do I know the truth.

  21. "massive money grab" leading to collapse would be better represented by someone like Bezos...or an actual insurance company, or striking kaiser employees... than a black man in a beanie.

  22. That fruit looks so much like a wrinkled old man. Eyes, nose, the toothless mouth all of it.

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