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  1. I know nothing about doubles, but would Dondozo and Tatsu be good?

  2. It should be decent but people that know what they’re doing can easily counter it with clear smog amongus or haze murkrow, things like that

  3. If its anything like last game it will only last about a month

  4. Gotcha, in that case I’ll probably just use rental teams then since I won’t have a ton of time to build/test my own teams since I’m trying to do all the in game pve content and dex completion and shiny hunting my favorites 😅

  5. hound's not great in vgc because it doesn't get 350 bp last respects, still decent just not as insane as singles

  6. In VGC you use Houndstone for support not damage. It’s mostly used as a fast defensive support/Arcanine alternative by being able to outspeed everything with sand rush to use willowisp, snarl and bulldoze to debuff the enemy team with body press as the offensive move of choice (mainly to deal with kinggambit switch ins I guess?)

  7. Honestly surprised koraidon wasn’t more popular. The only reason I’m picking violet is bc of the other version exclusives it has.

  8. I preferred the Pokémon in scarlet by far but I felt forced into Violet for fashion reasons, if only the washed out orange was an actual red

  9. Maury Yeston is one of my favorite composers, though he hasn’t had a Broadway run of anything since the nine revival and titanic before that if I recall correctly

  10. For those of you who are shiny hunters, do you usually get at least 1 shiny within the 30 minutes of being under the effects of sparkling and encounter power level 3?

  11. You buy scarlet because you're helping people out.

  12. If we weren’t forced into the uniforms with set colors I would have gone with scarlet as the past Pokémon are cooler and likely better in VGC (flutter mane, brute bonnet, roaring moon and scream tail will all be strong while iron hands is the only super strong doubles mon from Violet).

  13. Same, I was actually going to get Scarlet up until the day of release when we discovered that no, you can never change out of the uniform. I just really didn't like the washed out orange pinstripe look...much prefer the dark purple.

  14. Yeah if scarlet was an actual bold red instead of the washed out orange I’d probably go with that. Though I may pick up scarlet down the line if I need it for competitive flexibility so I don’t have to rely on friends to get fluttermanes and what not for tournaments

  15. You’re running a few serious natures so I would check that out in case that was a misclick.

  16. Ooh rotom w actually sounds like a really good addition!! Ty! Also yeah I forgot to fill out the all the natures XD. The Toarkoal helped Arcanine with good healing support, and sometimes did nice damage, but tbh yeah he didn’t add too much. Ty for the advice!!! Also congrats on the shiny! Noibat is gonna be my first hunt once I get scarlet in a few weeks.

  17. I wish you luck! The sandwiches make it pretty easy to hunt shinies post game so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting one too :)

  18. How should I EV my one ingame Chi Yu for VGC? I’m not sure if I should take some points out of special ATK to make it slightly less frail

  19. That’s actually kinda funny because I did fine from ordinary days for the same competition last year

  20. Hahaha well that means my guess was good then!

  21. Some lesser known ones that are great:

  22. The one benefit of 401K is you can't "disappear" it. In the 1970s/80s company pension funds would just "disappear", and you were even more royally fucked. Corps must love it, paying 3% into it is nothing.

  23. My company pays 10% into it which I feel should be the bare minimum

  24. no but honestly. i don’t think people are properly educated about CSA and human trafficking — i feel like many think it’s elaborate like in the movies or some shit. i don’t think people are ready to approach this with that kind of nuance, very reminiscent of the satanic panic or even q-anon type theories. it worries me a bit, honestly.

  25. Yeah, as someone who has been off and on chronically online it always is a wake up call when I realize that 90% of people never follow these sorts of drama this closely.

  26. the way everyone is responding to this is making me feel like I'm taking crazy pills. sorry to the puritans who are saying those teddy bears are "sexualizing children" but you need to relax lmao. focus on real problems!

  27. It’s basically the same thing that happened with the “Cuties” film a few years ago

  28. I love going alone! If you’re really serious about it, it can be more fun that way because you don’t have to worry about whether or not the other person is enjoying themselves.

  29. This is so true, I brought my husband to a regional production of the great comet and my enjoyment was spoiled a bit by how he wasn’t really able to get into it

  30. Was it the one at Shotgun Players? I can see how it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved it! I went there solo.

  31. No it was an outdoor performance at the Hangar theatre in Ithaca for their summer stock season

  32. I just got tera-blast one-hit-KO'd this morning. So they may have that.

  33. I’ve literally only seen that on the event eevee raids

  34. I believe this was Haxorus, but I could be wrong. I haven't done any of the Eevees so it was definitely a six star.

  35. I haven’t done 6 star raids yet so maybe they start getting Tera blast then at that point?

  36. A recruiter once said to me “your financial problems are not our problem” after I asked for more money. My mistake was telling them why I wanted more money.

  37. Yeah I had a similar situation where they implied a much higher salary would be offered to me during the interview than what they offered in a high cost of living area. When I tried to justify why I needed more money they said, “if you’re such a hard worker you’ll just get a raise in no time” and ended it there

  38. If you teach a Pokémon a TM and then delete the move do you need another of the same TM to have them relearn the move?

  39. I take back what I say about her key of unusual way from the nine movie sinking faster than act 2 of the titanic. Yes I needed both Yeston references.

  40. I for one am personally ready to get Skarmageddon in the game

  41. Lol yeah I once was making coffee for 3 friends at once and I tried to have them grind for me while I pulled the shots but they weren’t able to do it without burning their wrist so I had to do it all

  42. Who is Balenciaga even trying to reach with this ad? Who is their audience? Pedophiles?

  43. Yeah I’m confused about the situation without having read the court document in the post since I would have assumed it was meant to be some sort of anti-child-exploitation statement but I don’t think it was perceived that way by the general public

  44. Will sing “Take Me to the World” at the piano tonight

  45. But if competitive was broken in the last 2 gens bc of overpowered pkmn like Zacian, how do you realistically fix that issue?

  46. People keep saying this is the most powercrept generation we’ve had but I’m not sure if I agree

  47. I see you found the seating/golduck exp pit

  48. Iirc it’s through some ingame trade at the school that’s linked to the history or foreign studies class or something like that, you get it from a student who has been to galar I think?

  49. Do you (or anyone else) know any decent videos or guides on the raids, I'm trying to get better but have no clue where to start lol?

  50. You can search for them on YouTube, there’s several available, with most strats talking about using iron hands, gholdengo or perserker to EZ mode the raids

  51. Wait, paradox are version exclusive?

  52. Yeah scarlet gets past forms, Violet gets future forms

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