1. Fish are a good start. Start with a couple clowns or at least something hardy.

  2. No probs, thanks for reaching out 😎 And wow...I thought "consciously aware projections" and "wild" are basically the same. Can you describe the difference? Not to split hairs, but I am interested in the difference in your opinion / technique-wise approach between the two as I genuinely thought they're the same. Maybe Ill understand something important if you describe your take on it. I need that kind of "muscle work" to gradually train my mind to start to disassociate from my body (or to be more precise, from the 5 physical senses) usually I can get to the body asleep part, but the mind awake/body asleep ratio suffers a little bit of a hiatus if you know what I mean. 🙂 Somehow I could not grasp the process yet to form this mind muscle, so any ideas are welcome. And to answer your question, my aim is to have consciously aware projections. Or wilds. :) Focusing my mind in other circumstances are usually going well, but during my attempts I unfortunately could not do it so far in a way to move the kind of mental "muscle" that is needed for "phasing".

  3. I don't refer to the projection itself, I'm referring to the starting point of your projection. If you're sitting down from a completely wake state in order to have a projection, then you're going to have to learn to meditate.

  4. Thanks! :) My main aim I think is also to have that kind of "mindset" that recognizes this fact (that we are already projecting); I can intellectually understand that, but that is not the same as experiencing it. I guess it goes the other way around, experience makes us to feel more that way.

  5. Walk me through what your process has been so far for when you sit down to try a projection session?

  6. Just keep in mind that hyperbaric chamber use can cost you TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars out of your own pocket. So it's entirely up to you if you want to take the risk of diving without it. $20,000 is a lot.

  7. You can "travel" around almost however you'd like.

  8. Visualizing = to see through my closed eyes or just seeing through my thoughts at that moment?

  9. Visualizing is, essentially, to make yourself truly believe that you're somewhere or doing something, which you are not.

  10. Shake at 30%. Well past that point though. Shake shake shake! 👍

  11. That looks an awful lot like contamination. I'm which case, you do not. You throw it out and start again. Sadly. ☚ī¸

  12. Because the world is still fundamentally fucked right now. The markets won't go anywhere so long as inflation is running rampant and Russia keeps attacking Ukraine.

  13. Astral projecting in a dream is like saying you're Scuba Diving in the water.

  14. I mean more so the feeling of being shot out of your body

  15. That's purely perceptual, based upon your perceived concept of being in a body to begin with. Once you move past that concept, it doesn't exist anymore.

  16. Think about how fast things have changed from the year 2000 until now. Now compress that change, into, say, five years and check back again in 2027.

  17. Eth is still Eth. There is no Eth2. 👍

  18. Cuase that's what they decided we need to do. You don't have to do them. Haha

  19. Padi seems to have a minimum age of 10 (in most areas), but they can only get the Jr Open Water Diver which can, apparently, be upgraded eventually. 👍

  20. Whatever is causing it, those two big brown spots are bud rot. Cut that out asap or it'll take the rest of the plant too.

  21. My suggestion is try to get certified locally before you go. You'll pay through the nose to get certified down south. 👍

  22. I've just started candy making and right off the top I go with LorAnn oils. The flavour is incredible. 👍

  23. Haha my main go to for cannabis edibles are caramels. But yeah, I'm gonna follow this thread.

  24. thanks for the encouragement! I had some questions 1. do I need to go beyond wave II to achieve OBE? 2.I read somewhere that you don't need the other waves to achieve it. 2. is OBE the same as lucid dreaming or are they different?

  25. Hi I'm working wave II getting the hang of F12 I think I'm getting the hang of it the difference between F10 and F12 is very subtle I feel a greater disassociation with my physical body and my mind / awareness feels "bigger" if that makes sense lol

  26. Makes perfect sense! Sounds like you're doing just fine. 👍

  27. You need a kitchen scale which does grams. A people scale doesn't have the sensitivity required.

  28. I don't understand the question based on your picture.

  29. Never mind. Post got deleted I think. Was my clearly weak attempt at sarcasm

  30. I'd just keep an eye on her, she'll probably be fine. 👍

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