1. I know how to use Google, I did those directions already and it doesn't work in games, unless plugged in.

  2. TBH, if you’re using it as a controller to remote play PS5 on your desktop, then wired is the way to go. You may experience game breaking lag wireless in that case depending on your set up. YMMV

  3. Ebay and amazon will have replacements depending on what kind of controller it is. You have to replace both bumpers, its one solid piece. It isn't too hard, I've done it three times on my Elite Controller.

  4. Here so say the same. Mine was from Amazon and come with two entire replacement parts. Not too hard.

  5. I’m a big fan of the Chipotle Tabasco when I’m not looking for much heat.

  6. I’d replace that extruder gear first. As it’s likely not able to grip the filament enough to push it through. At least try to slide it up where it’s not worn down to see if it fixes the problem.

  7. That is a normal stock extruder gear. It has a channel in the middle to "guide" the filament

  8. Ummm, isn’t that a pic of a baby Borg from Star Trek: TNG??

  9. I’d like the info as well. New Saturn 2 owner here. If you’re near the machine when it ends, you can manually stop it before it goes all the way up, but not helpful if you’re elsewhere or asleep.

  10. Make sure you installed it to the same directory where the rest of your assets are installed.

  11. I think I did. I clicked in “install” and it installed it for me without asking me where

  12. If you used the DIM, verify the file paths in the settings. Then navigate to where your Daz3D Library to see if it’s there. You may also want to rebuild the database by right clicking the smart library tab and try to reimport the data. Might take a bit to complete.

  13. Except you can't buy it anymore afaik. They shut the servers down for it too I think. But it was fun until all that happened.

  14. Dang. I’ve had it for a long time and play it fairly often on single player. That sucks.

  15. Easy Bethesda, I’ve already bought this game twice. Imma need a bit more for a third go round…..

  16. I was just referencing how Bethesda keeps releasing Skyrim and now Naughty Dog is releasing Last of Us a 3rd time.

  17. It's consistently happening across multiple Benchys though?

  18. Are they your first prints? Could be binding somewhere briefly but enough to mess up things.

  19. First ones with this filament roll, but not first ones on this printer overall

  20. Is 210 what you always run PLA at? I usually go 200-205. Possibly play with the temp and see if that makes a difference? It looks like a clog, but I can’t explain why it would be happening at the same Z height every time. Reslice the benchy to rule out any errors maybe?

  21. May be a silly question, but you also have the oculus app running alongside steam right?

  22. Make sure your preferences on your xbox are allowing the connection, otherwise the app won’t see it.

  23. My Ender 3 seems to have a clogged nozzle if I had to guess, but I cleaned the nozzle out using the included tool and still have the same issue.

  24. 230 sounds a bit hot for PLA+. I usually run eSun PLA+ between 205 - 210.

  25. Looks a lot like a Molex. You could swap with a lot of things I guess.

  26. I have no real idea, but I have heard people refer to 3 am and it’s alleged relation to the veil between worlds being thinner at that time. But it could also just be a way of explaining away what you previously stated.

  27. Yeah that always felt like a cop out answer, like when people tell me that Jinns only get active after sunset, and I am like isnt that convenient. I spent a lot of time researching these creatures recently and this question always made me uneasy.

  28. Could be that either our senses are too overloaded in the day time with noises and lights and such to notice subtle shadows and whispers. Or could be as simple as dark=spooky so you’re more open to the possibilities and are either imagining things or are “tuned in” more. I’m more skeptical, but I have experienced unexplainable events that were strange.

  29. Was it printing? Usually will do that when the nozzle is clogged

  30. Do you want tetanus? Because that’s how you get tetanus….. /s

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