1. That looks much better than my NTTD from Jason, i dont like the bracelet, like it more on a nato or on a vintage leather .

  2. Dude, check out my version! The case is ceramic and everything aligns very well.

  3. I tried scratching it when I installed diffrent straps and it didn’t scratch . The seller said that this version was ceramic and his other version was plastic.

  4. Looks like the newer 41 case with the smaller horns, looks good .

  5. Gonna risk it in the shower, pool, or hot tub? I love the idea of a cheap beater, but not if unable to stay dry inside.

  6. Forget water, there is no rubber gasged on the caseback at all

  7. Mine is 2 years and still running, but i did wear it maybe 40 days in that time , too many watches to wear .

  8. What do you mean, the case of the actuell 41mm gen sub is totally different, you have the old maxicase, but a nice watch anyway .

  9. They are coated with the normal colours and look first side as the palstic ones, you cannot polish that material .

  10. I have the same one but cannot get the 3 sub dials to do stop. Do you know if it’s possible to just have the hour & minute hands move?

  11. Who cares, when i wear mine nobudy is interestet in that little peace of plastic .

  12. The problem with the 2813 is that you are not allowed to move your arm, otherwise you will easily have +/- 40 seconds. I hate this movement and therefore always install a Miyota 821a from the beginning.

  13. I have more than 10 with that movement, most run about 1 or 2 minutes fast within a week, only one is running 30 seconds a day slow, i can live with that performance pretty good, change mostly my watch all 5 days anyway .

  14. you find them on aliexpress, but the colours comes never near original

  15. buy yourself a car paintstick in the right colour and do it yourself , for me it worked fine .

  16. My three rolexes are arround 150 gramms each, same as the originals .

  17. Having some fun with my shitters, I've done it before with my first shitter, a datejust, went to the pool with it and went hard on it. survived successfully, now I'll do the same with a couple shitters that I have and see if all of them survive.

  18. reassembling a 2813, good luck, this is almost impossible .

  19. Lume is too green and the 1/10 seconds hand is a 24HR hand. If they manage to fix those (and manage to fully rep the back case opening process) it would be effectively perfect lol

  20. What for, this will never be more like a toywatch, nobody will ever care.

  21. Plastic body I think, link still up which is surprising, colours look good to me, pre sure dials are recessed, Chrono keeps time well and works well, still not sure how to adjust the top right dial, overall seems amazing to me, especially for price

  22. There is no way to adjust the right dial, this issue have all the fakes ,

  23. The watch is in every aspect way off the original, the red is absolut awful, everything over 20$ is too much .

  24. Der Verdächtige ist russischer Staatsbürger und Exboxsportler .

  25. Als gebürtiger Münsteraner, seit 1978 glücklich und zufrieden mit meiner Stadt, kann ich nur sagen: NICHT mit uns! Wir sind/waren lebenswerteste Stadt, zeigen der afd seit Jahren, dass sie bei uns nicht erwünscht sind, leben Solidarität und das mag auch bitte so bleiben.

  26. Körperliche Gewalt sollte nirgendwo einen Platz haben, das hat mit Münster nix zu tun, leider ist die Verrohung der Menschen überall zu spüren, fragt mal Bahnschaffner .

  27. Es wurde ein Tatverdächtiger festgenommen, Angaben sind vage, ein 20 jähriger Mann .

  28. Jetzt ist er mit gerade erst 25 Jahren tot, ich werde mich nirgendwo einmischen, auch wenn immer Zivilcourage gefordert wird .

  29. i have both, the metal ones feel a lot more solid, but the have the wrong size, 44mm and 22mm bandwidth, so they are good but really bad fakes because they are so easy to spot .

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