1. Damn, that episode was so good. I’m living for messy, drunk Harper.

  2. This is really outside the box but maybe Jack and Harper? We are being led to believe Harper will cheat on Ethan with Cameron but what if Cameron actually isn’t interested and Harper winds up in bed with Jack.

  3. I gave that a thought as well. I don’t really think it would happen, but who knows? It would be interesting, to say the least.

  4. So. Here’s something that doesn’t get enough play in our funny pages movies. It’s hard to accept, given today’s polarized cultural zeitgeist, but people are complicated. Even your buttoned-down prim and proper grandmother types can be leather clad doms off camera. I hope Sharon isn’t a Skrull. We don’t have much of a view into how things went down during the blip. For most people, like the folks in Spider-Man’s sphere it didn’t seem too bad, but we had a whole story in FanWS about a people who overcame and didn’t want to go back to ‘the-before-times’. Sharon doesn’t need to be a Skrull, or Hydra, or any of that, she could just be someone doing the best she could in the circumstances she was dealt and went down a path that other people could look down on not having been there.

  5. I’m seriously hoping the whole Sharon is a Skrull thing does not happen. It’s normal for people to be so bitter about how they were treated that they end up doing bad things. It’s an arc for her, where before she was just… there.

  6. Good old leakers. No news about anything, then as soon as someone official says something, the leakers start adding on to it. Will anyone remember this in 2 years? Oh, and if they do, we'll get the classic "something happened and now it's not true" excuse.

  7. The ones on the upper right and the lower left, all I can think of is how much that collar/harness would rub and dig in one’s armpits. Ouch.

  8. It sucks we won’t have a stand-alone movie, but as long as we get to see Namor again, I’ll cope. He’s too good of a character to be a one-off.

  9. I’m sad that nebula got so little screentime but everytime shes on shes fucking amazing

  10. How is nobody talking about Go Bots being an actual real race of living robots in the MCU. Wild.

  11. I had to rewind it a bit to make sure she actually said Go Bots. I was like “whoa!”

  12. Isn't it fascinating how hand touching in period dramas can make us so excited? I'll take Darcy's hand flex over almost any random sex scene in modern cinema.

  13. My mom legit tried to convince me that chicken wasn’t meat when I went vegetarian.

  14. One small thing I really liked was seeing M’Baku going from being looked down upon by the other tribes, to being a respected member of the kingdom.

  15. Same. I like how he’s not so isolated anymore and seems to be valued by everyone.

  16. The music playing when Namor showed Shuri Talokan was just amazing (lowkey was getting some romance vibes, from the two).

  17. I’m not normally someone looking to pair people together romantically, but I was getting some of those same feelings. Then again, it may be just because Tenoch Huerta was just 🔥 and it was kinda swoon worthy. Lol

  18. Same. Jonathan Majors is so good, so I can’t wait to see how he plays this version of Kang.

  19. Yes, I think so. I also think Harper is a bit misunderstood. She seems negative and judgy, but it’s important to remember that she isn’t just on a sweet romantic vacation with her husband. She’s on a trip to spend time with Ethan’s former bro-douche roommate who suddenly has more interest in Ethan, shit talks Harper while simultaneously trying to flirt with her, and is trying to get Ethan to invest money (or have him hold money, I don’t quite remember the scene) with him. Cameron’s really only interested in Ethan because Ethan suddenly got rich. He doesn’t respect him as a person, and Harper sees this. She’s simultaneously keeping distance from Cameron while worrying this is her new life.

  20. I’m surprised how well liked she it just because she’s outwardly friendly and fun. She’s emotionally and morally bankrupt in my eyes. I definitely relate way more to Harper.

  21. Daphne gives me the creeps, if I’m honest. She’s very manipulative and I wouldn’t trust her at all.

  22. Totally inappropriate. Nonetheless, it makes me like Valentina even more. That, and the scene where she's eating her lunch on the step and feeding the stray kittens.

  23. The scene with the kittens made me tear up a little bit, ngl. I think she’s very lonely.

  24. Not English myself, but I know they aren’t related. There is too much of a difference in the way they talk and behave. Or if they are, someone is putting on an act.

  25. Interesting? Seriously? Was it that… uh, interesting, that they couldn’t come up with a better word?

  26. “Interesting” is the word I use when I don’t really like something, but don’t want to admit it. This doesn’t seem like a good thing.

  27. Interview with the Vampire. One could argue its greatness, but it does have some import. ....and a host of absolutely awful sequels.

  28. I was so obsessed with Anne Rice’s works as a teenager and then I felt obligated to keep reading her newer works even though I didn’t enjoy them anymore. Interview was definitely the best of the vampire novels.

  29. Mandalorian. Think he just came off as naive in bobf. And he is too old and experienced for that to really be realistic.

  30. Yes. I never thought about it like that, but he did come across as naive. That’s what seemed off.

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