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  1. Anyway I can put that on the request list for future implementation

  2. You can bring it up to the admins through

  3. comment section is spam bots tryna get you to be the capital they use to rug you

  4. I'm assuming that was a scammer. Please don't do anything to "verify" your wallet.

  5. "I don't always make swaps, but when I do I swap osmo for more osmo. Stay superfluid my friends"

  6. So swap osmo for mntl, mntl for atom, atom for osmo? And somehow gain an extra 3 osmo? Seems odd.... Regardless, lol.

  7. It's something called arbitrage trading and it's actually very healthy for the markets.

  8. Good evening, Osmonauts. The OSL will be hosting a Cosmoverse Recap Townhall on Monday, 10/10 at 4 pm ET/8 pm UTC! Speakers will include Cosmoverse attendees who can share their firsthand account, Waterspinner — an OSL admin who attended and has the scoop on what all the various devs in the Cosmos ecosystem are working on — and more!

  9. HI, thanks for your reply, seems to have rectified itself since the restart, i have a screen shot but i cant post it here as the message box does not allow for some reason.

  10. yeah in the comment from Johnny on this thread, I believe you are seeing the same thing and it looks to be a display bug as the chain was shutting down

  11. While the response is remarkable (as always), i'm concerned about a growing theme of these kinds of gaps. My worry is that it negatively impacts the perception of Osmosis and the Osmosis team as the market grows and this small world of ours goes mainstream.

  12. yeah I hear your thoughts. Very valid thinking. I think long term though, imagine the stock market running on blockchain technology. You think investors would prefer a chain that forks during a consensus problem (imagine trying to explain who has the real version of Amazon Stock) or would you think the financial industry would prefer a halt to the chain, keep everyone's assets in tact, and then allow engineers to perform maintenance on the chain

  13. It's still not working for me. Did you manage to get it to work?

  14. I'm on a Linux machine and Geo is running some tests for that. What is the OS you're on?

  15. I wonder why Ledger support only implemented for Osmosis, Secret and UMEE.

  16. It's because there was a patched created and released and it's on chains to include this patch in their new upgrades. So far, SCRT, OSMO, UMEE are the only chains with the patch w/ more to come on the way

  17. WorkerBee-3... To registerSCRT, it's asking for signature, for "proof of ownership " in Keplr and referencing my Cosmos wallet address What's up with this? Is it safe to proceed ? Please advise

  18. This apparently is because there is a crack down on scrt network for not being governance tax compliant. SNIP-20 is the issue and there has been an upgrade to a newer version of SNIP- that is tax compliant. SCRT has some assets on this new standard and there will be a time of migrating everything over.

  19. I honestly can't wait to store files here and use it as a bounce pad between VMs

  20. most CEXs allow you to buy ATOM and then you can send to Defi/Osmosis

  21. A lot of so called investors do it on apps like Robinhood or fucking cash app. They literally don’t own the crypto but think that they do.

  22. and how many people only hold the ticker symbol and never actually pull their funds into the network to play with smart contracts, DeFi, or any other application.

  23. agree. especially with ADA. people buy it and do nothing with it and expect it to go up.

  24. right. Thanks to Defi, even though the market is down I'm still making money. Making like 10-30x what I would be making if I had the same amount of capital in a dividend Portfolio.

  25. There's a prop on Evmos chain that is sorting out this situation. Should be able 5 days till withdraws are enabled again.

  26. But didn’t we vote YES on internal OSMO rewards for this pool? I remember that.

  27. just read the Prop, we voted to match the amount of Stride incentives. When the stride incentives end so does the osmo incentives.

  28. Is this why I can't unbond from pools? However, I can add to pools.....

  29. Checked unbonding for all pools including OSMO/wBTC and stATOM/ATOM and all options are greyed out for unbonding.

  30. checking my pools now it looks like everything is okay.

  31. Downvoted, but anonymity is good enough for me. I still hold some SCRT but haven’t sent a single private transaction, probably the same as everyone who downvoted me.

  32. Imagine if people made transactions and then like idiots publish what for and who on social…. Venmo?

  33. What other messaging app is decentralized and encrypted? Are there any others that exist?

  34. to add to that too, what other subscription service let's you earn 20% apy on your initial subscription purchase. AND you can always liquidate and get those assets back

  35. Please let’s not go down that road what 20% apy and sustainability means ;) -> Luna

  36. lol I could hear comments like these as I was posting.

  37. Okay, according to, it appears that Keplr somehow sticks to the 529 path, and thus the archaic address. Is this a recent bug/change? I never had any problem with keplr on Secret until now.

  38. in that is the location that generally sticks to previous cointypes. if you're seeing your assets in there, in the 529 path, double check that keplr has the same address. if this is true that your keplr extension wallet also has the 529 path we will work together to get your keplr on the 118 path with your assets rescued as well.

  39. That is what I suspected. It is strange that Keplr used to generate the same address as Cosmostation. About 6 weeks ago I migrated to a new Mac, and I don’t know whether Keplr (Chrome plugin) generated the new address from the beginning, or the address recently changed itself.

  40. the new cointype is 118 while the old cointype is 529

  41. Are true degen move, but I don't have the dough to buy anything i have at once at the next Dip.

  42. Can open up the ledger account and compound your rewards into the new address. And then unstake 1/3rd at a time and transfer it over

  43. How do you wrap SCRT to sSCRT on Keplr? I was trying to do this on SiennaSwap but it doesn't work.

  44. go to scrt chain in the keplr section and next to stake you'll find convert.

  45. Ok I swapped my SCRT to sSCRT on the Keplr stake -> convert section. Thanks for the useful tip!

  46. make sure your keplr is up-to-date. make sure your browser is up-to-date. and then also it sounds like restarting your computer could be a good option rn.

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