1. Your vote "matters". Your vote doesn't "count". They see us as a mass, not as individual people. They don't care so much about what the general population thinks because the majority of people are indifferent about what is happening outside of their own head. They do pay attention to what the people who are willing to engage are thinking. They'll never see your ballot unless it corresponds to the ballots around you. Strength in numbers.

  2. There was no sincerity in this question. This was activism with the intent to cause abruption. It didn't work.

  3. In my 50 years, Climate Change/global warming/global change has been in the news for 36 years. I can remember the first time I heard of global warming. It was the 7th-grade current events/social studies class. Why do I remember? Because when you tell a 13-year-old the world is ending, you would most likely die. You remember the trauma.

  4. I remember those days. The junior high social studies text book with the picture of a tic tac toe board with grain and skulls and the skulls won.

  5. I take all of the K vitamins - K - MK - MK Ultra - Circle K - K Mart - I don't fuck around.

  6. The whole "Piss Tape" thing was entirely made up by Igor Danchenko who is currently on trial for lying about that and many other things.

  7. Like the ugly guy who asks out the beautiful woman who says "yes" because the good looking guys are intimidated by her beauty so they never asked. The ugly guy has as much or as little confidence as the good looking guys but the beautiful woman sits at home bored and lonely so she is glad somebody took the initiative.

  8. I'm very conservative and very liberal. It depends on the topic. I weigh and balance both sides evenly before I decide what my opinion is and I allow myself to change my opinion when new details are presented or something I was not sure about becomes more clear.

  9. Yeah! Every man, woman, and child in the U.S. can get thirty-six bucks! (12,000,000,000 /330,000,000 = 36.36)

  10. This post was made by somebody who watches a hell of a lot of television.

  11. Yeah like someone who watched Trump say he would run as republican cos they are stupid and then he did just that ?

  12. Yeah, yeah, that was a real quote and totally not something made up for pop culture internet consumers. Trump really said that for reals. I know it's true because I saw it on the internet.

  13. Will Smith can cry very convincingly. He says he learned how to do it from James Avery who pointed out that adults don't cry in public. Instead of pretending to cry, pretend to hold back from crying and it's way more convincing. These people aren't doing that. They are pretending to cry so it just comes off as so unnatural.

  14. Who is ironing their clothes? Why do so many of them think that nail polish would be a necessity on their long journey? How are they shaving every morning?

  15. The thought of computers, servers, programs, etc. are metaphors for what has been described as "The All" in

  16. It's not the great and change that you wanted but it's the great and change you deserve.

  17. You probably meant "COVID-19" because there are different Coronaviruses which are basically cold viruses - not flu viruses.

  18. I think it would actually be pretty cool to see but I'm really hoping I'll never see it.

  19. Submission statement: Trumps have been close with WEF's Klaus Schwab for many years. He's about as populist as I am Martian.

  20. You took the time to make this comment. Bless your little heart.

  21. SS: Is there a conspiracy to dry up Lake Mead? Whether it's being done intentionally or not is debatable but it seems there is a way of stopping it from drying up but for the last 20 years nobody made any effort to stop it.

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