Are you being serious right now?

A sense of impending doom

When laughter meets percussion

  1. What I need to know is. Will the final season be shot entirely with the cinematic look we get during scenes in the sublime? Because I hope so

  2. It's totally Tom Merrilin's flute. Now we just need to find his harp.

  3. The shoes, interestingly enough, are Belenciaga so probably also outrageously expensive.

  4. My partner in Spanish class committed suicide. I also had 3 teachers die while I was in high school (1 suicide, 2 had cancer)

  5. Every single time I see this I think it’s water or sand flowing down the stairs until I read the title or it gets to the end.

  6. From the latest Dan and Brandon podcast. They were talking about role playing games in college. Specifically they talked about a time where Brandon was the game master. He says he thought up one of the greatest endings to a story ever but that the players totally ruined it so immediately after the game he wrote it down in his notes for Stormlight and has been waiting to use it since. He plans on incorporating this ending into the end of Stormlight 5.

  7. This is the best thing I’ve heard. Lol now I have to wonder if he ever told them.

  8. Yes, Dan was also in that game. He was about to explain the ending but Brandon stopped him.

  9. In the same livestream Brandon talked about meeting Robert Jordan in the afterlife and talking about his ending of the series.

  10. Although it is most likely to be a Mistborn adaptation he did not specifically say that.

  11. Like others have said, Stormlight or reread. Audiobooks if you haven’t heard them.

  12. I finished in the beginning of June for the first time. I have thought about it every day since then.

  13. I’m about to finish my 3rd reread. I’ll bring brandy and spiced wine

  14. But china shills told me Uyghur concentration camps does not exist.

  15. How would that even be possible?

  16. Literally me halfway through the last battle rn. The gravely quality of the tEotW audiobook is also calling my name…

  17. My theory has always been that Rand essentially is the creator at that point. To defeat the dark one he had to exert his will over it (the DO). When Rand steps out, he enters a world that is the physical manifestation of his own will. Because of that he retains the power to control certain aspects of that reality.

  18. I had randomly been watching bill russell videos on YouTube the last 2 or 3 days and then this happens today. RIP to an absolutely legendary human being.

  19. Pretty much everything about the WoT adaptation frustrates me. I hate how they just assume they can make a better version of the story (this encompasses just about all the writing, directorial and general plot decisions). I am also really annoyed by the costuming, it is all perfectly clean and unwrinkled. The sound design and foley also sound terrible (no I don’t like the intro theme music). My love of the books will keep me watching and hoping the show will improve but I’m not optimistic.

  20. I would predict it will be a Mistborn adaptation that we get first but I could also Warbreaker going well. Seems like it would actually work well in a live action movie format

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