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  1. Lol earnt about 4k from swinging this untill this point but yeah I’m the stupid one for being up🤣 fucking clown

  2. Congrats on the upgrade. I came from a similar upgrade: from the XR to the 13 pro max. Like you’ve said, the 120hz refresh makes everything feels more fluid and alive. It’s one of those things that you think you don’t need, or really care about, until you notice it, and boy do you notice it when you don’t have ProMotion.

  3. How do you find the size difference? I’m currently on a XR and I’m leaning towards the Pro Max over the Pro.. did you get used to the bigger size easily?

  4. Not OP but chiming in as I switched from a 12pro to a 14 pro max. I was a bit shocked at the size and weight of the new phone and honestly for a couple of days I questioned my decision! However, I’m around a week in now and I can confidently say I’m not going back to the smaller phone! Much more used to it now and I LOVE the big screen size.

  5. Thanks for the reply.. I’ll give the Pro Max a try 🤞🏼

  6. Just born and their lives are already so hard! 😻

  7. The one of the left looks like he’s just finished a 12 hour overnight shift! Hahaha

  8. A washed potato. She keeps slapping my hand every time I try to move it away from her

  9. It depends on what Wagyu you’re referring to? I have a feeling it’s Japanese Wagyu you’re after.

  10. If you prefer ribeye steak over strip I’d suggest ribeye A5 (or if you prefer strip to ribeye then get strip). The strip A5 I had was still very nice, but I lean towards ribeye whether it’s Wagyu or not.

  11. I got the popcorn ready. This is going to be good lol

  12. Ask Customer Service to reset 2FA and set it up again

  13. Yeah I’ve contacted them waiting for a response. Was just wondering if there’s a quicker/easier way to fix the problem

  14. Hi, have you tried syncing your 2fa? Go into the 3 dots up the top right, settings, time correction Hopefully that will fix it

  15. When I click settings it shows ‘privacy screen’ ‘Google Usage ID’ I can’t see ‘time correction’.

  16. You have NERVE telling people how they should feel. Most of you telling people to "get over it" never worked hard a day in your lives. I am not blind to the fact that alot of "crypto bros" in here are financed by friends and family. You don't know what it's like to lose money you worked in freezing cold numbing temps for. You cannot "get over" 80-100 hour weeks in the office missing family, friends and functions working to buy crypto. Can you trust fund guys go take a ride in your yachts and leave the real emotions to the blue collar Americans that build and maintain the operation of America!

  17. Buddy, I think you’re looking for an argument and missed the point.

  18. Me poor US unaccredited investor so me get it all back because Celsius violate law by offering me Earn account. Me not responsible for me decisions.

  19. Are hairballs common in shorthair cats? Sorry for the constant questions.

  20. That’s ok thanks for your help. I’ll know tomorrow when I take her to the vet 😃

  21. This sub has so many people that start posts to stir people. It makes no sense

  22. Seriously don’t you guys have anything better to do than roam the Celsius subreddit 24/7 and comment within 2 minutes of a new post?

  23. It sucks, 99% of the people in this thread are feeling exactly how you are BUT instead of focusing on the negatives that are out of our control, focus on the positives. You have food on the table, clothes on your back & a roof over your head.

  24. Was he going to be giving you the interest he made if Celsius continued running as normal? Everyone takes the risk on at the end of the day.

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