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  1. Foucault's Pendulum, by Umberto Eco might interest you. The Kabbalah Tree of Life figures prominently in the architecture of the book and its plot is especially fitting when viewed through our Q-anon conspiracy times. It was fascinating, but not the easiest read, and I'm not sure I got everything out of it that the author intended.


  3. I suppose then, it would be explained by their laws regarding women and their freedom. Not an attractive place for a foreign woman to work, if they can avoid it.

  4. Not sure what you mean by you have to hide your passion bc they wouldn’t understand? But I don’t think law schools want a cookie cutter applicant. I didn’t hide my passion about it on my personal statement. Specifically, disclosing that as a former inmate and the experience of it led me to want to be a pd. So I wouldn’t hold back.

  5. Sage Says: Candy poisoning is an urban myth,

  6. the oldest TMRCA datings of the R1a haplogroup occur in the Saharia tribe, a scheduled caste of the Bundelkhand region. From these findings some researchers have concluded that R1a1a originated in South Asia, excluding a more recent, yet minor, genetic influx from Indo-European migrants in northwestern regions such as Afghanistan, Balochistan, Punjab, and Kashmir.


  8. The bible never stated that aliens aren't possible. What is not mentioned is not stating it doesn't exist.

  9. It's generally known! Ignorance is bliss. You probably live 10.000 km away. I actually live in Israel. You want sources? I got tons of sources

  10. There isn't a lot of information available on this rare disease. Of the three links at the bottom, the ones recommended contain the most information.

  11. You asked for a link proving that Bibleway is a Oneness organization, here it is:

  12. With volume this low, we have to be sitting on a powder-keg. I mean, we're gonna fly higher than

  13. Ah quindi non ci sono mai state guerre sulla base dell''identita' etnica? Devo rivedere la storia dei balcani allora!

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