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  1. Mine got pushed back this morning too from Sept 3 - Sept 17 to Sept 12- Sept 26. Disappointed for sure!

  2. I believe you only get Tesla’s premium connection as a trial period for the first 30 days after delivery, after that you’ll need to subscribe to the premium plan to continue utilizing live view. The free trial used to be longer, but they recently changed it.

  3. I’m curious as to when you put in your order for your M3 LR? I put my order in on May 30th this year and my account still shows an EDD of 08Sep-13Oct.

  4. NTA - it’s not your oldest’s responsibility to cater to his sibling’s dietary restrictions on his special day (it would be infeasible to do so for every guest at a wedding). However, you’re also not in the wrong for at least asking your oldest to consider a more “healthy” / “diet friendly” meal option at the wedding. It’s the mentality of the worst he can say is no. Just understand that at the end of the day it’s his day and I’m assuming he and his spouse are financially responsible for the day so it’s ultimately their choice.

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