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  1. 100 percent agree with you. Ha ha I admire his balls for trying tho!

  2. It's not good practice to go speculating about public figures like this.

  3. Either you investigate it thoroughly yourself or you leave it to the people who's job it is to do so. That's not just the police, but investigative journalists, private investigators etc.

  4. The garbage man can - Homer Simpson. Do you like the Simpsons?

  5. Was born on a council estate in London in the 80s very proud of my roots. Couldn’t give two fucks if people looked down on me 😂

  6. Being a dad is pretty cool. You may surprise yourself and like it once it becomes real.

  7. As a dad whose little girl (4) has sensory needs and potentially is on the spectrum I get the vibe off your post. The mentality I have is I am there to have her back regardless if that means I am tired or down then I have to manage this.

  8. Technically more than 5 as the fat one looks like she’s eaten 3 people.

  9. As a white heterosexual married man I can’t possible offer an opinion on the subject. I am very supportive and have people very close to me who like the OP are homosexual but I think it would be a touch insulting to them as I have never been in there shoes so to speak.

  10. What made it more stellar was every hit he took, he shrunk more in size (think Super Mario style)

  11. I love Super Mario! Sounds like they beat the piss out of him! I hope you think MWAHHH in your head the next time you see him 😂

  12. Jim Bowen. I watch Bullseye so often that I just assume he is still alive.

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