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  1. Lebron's really got that 'satisfied with life, gonna watch my grandkids grow' energy nowadays. He seems a lot more easy going than in the past.

  2. Yup same with Kobe in his last year and Tiger Woods now. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so they just go out with a smile. It's great to watch as a fan.

  3. I am fully convinced that they only add car chase scenes to BOTH Black Panther movies because it is an ad sponsorship. Lexus was one of the major sponsors for both Black Panther films and both movies feature a car chase scene with a Lexus.

  4. Why are reporters still asking him about this. He’s made it 110% clear that he likes Portland and is staying put as long as possible.

  5. What other question is there to ask? Lillard isn't even playing right now and they are a mediocre team.

  6. I've been scrolling through, and I haven't seen one comment supporting or defending Kanye, especially after what he said on Alex Jone's show.

  7. That's just Lebron's burner account. Lebron saw this coming in 2017.

  8. I’d love to know why the channel refuses to use handicaps to make things more fair. In the last video it was painful to see Steve lose to Kozan despite making birdie.

  9. I didn't even finish that video after seeing Luke and Kozan advancing in the first round. I still don't know the outcome, but my money is on one of them winning that challenge.

  10. Bubbie: What does your workout routine look like? And does golf ever interfere with that (or vice versa)?

  11. I feel like there needs to be some type of quota for life in jail. This man been arrested 31 times???? At what point do we just say, "alright this guy is a menace to society and won't learn from his mistakes. We need to just lock this guy up for the rest of his life."

  12. They should just let loose a few attack dogs on them. I bet that'll make them move.

  13. A few of my LIBERAL friends had Kanye in their top 5 artists on their Spotify Wrapped. It really made me side eye them, as I wrote off Kanye years ago before he went full-blown Nazi

  14. The absolute minimum I'd accept is a prorated refund for the number of days that you can't use the forklift due to the charger missing.

  15. Thanks for the advice! I'll keep this in mind in our call.

  16. Depending on where you live, you can record calls using a transcription service as well, without seeking permission from the other party. Makes for very detailed notes! Check your local laws on that.

  17. O nice! I googled it and it is legal in my state to record phone calls without seeking permission from the other party.

  18. yeah wtf lol. and all of the comments saying great job? what even is this

  19. lmao this shit is so cringe... No wonder half the people on this sub are loving the corny movies lately.

  20. Politicians (Democrat and Republican) are corrupt and do not serve as public servants. They serve on their own self interests aka MONEY.

  21. Over regulation of the healthcare industry may reduce the incentive for innovation (profits decrease therefore so does investment).

  22. Ooo great point! I think this argument can also apply to the economics of the U.S in general. Ie. Capitalism vs. Socialism.

  23. Though I’m not a fan of many aspects of capitalism, I’m not in favour of revolution. Even though the current system is deeply flawed revolutions tend to be bloody and not end well

  24. It's funny because when I made this post, I had a feeling economics would be one of the first responses. I completely agree with your take.

  25. Shang-Chi. I think Simu did a mediocre job with the character. He didn't do bad, but it was nothing special. I think he is the most re-castable "main character".

  26. Is the wind coming in to me? If so, then 7 iron and pray.

  27. Drivers not THE most important club. You can live without it. I would say people become to obsessed with the driver. Short game/putting is far more important. Teeing off with Irons won’t hurt that much.

  28. Sure you can argue which is the most important club in the bag, but I think the driver is at least top 3 most important. I used to struggle with my Driver too and stopped using it for a few months. I recently have been able to control my driver shots now and it makes a huge difference to my game.

  29. What about casinos? The lottery? Product warranties? You might be surprised how many legitimate businesses are shady. You don’t like it then don’t play. That simple

  30. I also want to add life insurance and even pharmacies that make medicine (especially in the U.S). Imagine taking a 200x profit on a medicine that people need in order to live.

  31. Yeah Ernie is probably one of the most respected currently in media, if not number one

  32. Yeah it's more so some players may not like Shaq and Chuck out of the TNT crew because they have big egos and hot takes.

  33. Shaq exudes so much small dick energy. imagine being highly regarded as one of the most dominant centers of all time and still having other dudes who are simply living their best life live rent free inside your head.

  34. I'm not pointing the finger on anyone here, but I think Shaq got this small dick energy from his dad. I've seen so many interviews where Shaq would tell stories about his father and how he gave him "tough love" growing up as he was trying to pursue a basketball career. I know it was a different time back then, but some of the stories sound borderline abusive.

  35. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I counted this as an eagle.

  36. Golf is game of honnesty. I thought the joke would have been seized with the ahaha's ..

  37. This is why Micah left. Doesn't align with his Christian values.

  38. That's just a nice way of saying, "This sucks, we need to change it up."

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