A smol, delicate danger noodle.

*Lowers face into palm*

Are you being serious right now?


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  1. All the Arkham games are worth playing through

  2. Ill always see super Mario world as the best honestly.

  3. Since I'm here, does anyone remember the game Gun? Western PS2 game that I got this mixed up with.

  4. Played P5 and P5R on PS4, replaying on Gamepass on Series X

  5. I don't think I said anywhere that it was even a favorite of mine, I don't think I'm the person to ask that question I personally just think it's pretty good because it is a standard RPG that's easy to understand

  6. I didn’t know his real name until he went pro. He was always just Skip to me

  7. I was allowed to watch whatever at a very young age but my parents made me get edited versions of music albums for a few years. Never got it.

  8. Arkham Knight was way more fun to me. MGS had a better story.

  9. How High is so funny. Tracy Morgan’s cameo is hilarious

  10. Fake. DoorDash uses a messaging client so your personal number does not appear on a customer’s phone.

  11. While I do think it's fake, customers can opt out of the message client and you end up texting them if so

  12. It comes down to my personal judgement. How does it make me feel and does is hit me with the energy I want to put out

  13. You seem too invested in keeping their respect when they clearly have a flawed outlook on things. Your brother isn’t the only one that needs to change his mentality. You’re better off keeping space from people like that.

  14. I rather they condemn my brother. They say they don't agree with what he said but also thinks judging someone for political beliefs is wrong

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