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  1. So this happend about 6 month ago A friend of mine saw me playing SW and said that the game looks fun and he wants to start playing of course me being a good friend help him with understanding the game because as we all know SW isn't really a newbie friendly game. So he starts playing and stuff and we wanted to do an opening session I had about 15 LD scrolls and 3 legendary scroll and 1 Trans scroll and he only had 30 MS and 2 LD. So I start open first 15 LD scrolls I get 5 lightnings but no ld5 and all the ld4s were dupes legend scrolls all 2 nat 4s and 1nat 5 being a dupe Nana I open the Trans scroll AND GET ANOTHER NANA, at this point I'm furious I'm ready to jump off a cliff xd. Than my friend starts opening and I kid you not HE GET ABELLIO AND FING KIKI. AND THAT MF WAS LIKE "i got that nana guy but dark is that good?" That was the last time my friend was seen

  2. I would love to get that account I am new and want to get a head start in the game I would highly appreciate if I could get this account

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