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  1. In CS, CO more rides. Some people will tip more too. Depends on the area. I live right next to Colorado College, I don’t expect tips.

  2. These rides were hours apart. I did three in the morning. And wait an average of 22 min for the last 3

  3. It’s really difficult to receive a dx. ADHD was presented to me by a psych nurse practitioner (PNP) and then my LPCC (therapist; can’t prescribe) that specializes in ADHD treatment agreed. The clinic my PCP works at actively dont dx, they “treat symptoms.”

  4. Yeah, masking is a form of survival. It’s doesn’t mean you’re people pleasing. In fact the view that it is people pleasing is another judgement I overcompensate for. In some areas I recognize I am people pleasing say I don’t care, when I do.

  5. Totally achievable if you use a filter all day in Chicago although it must have been hell with the marathon today.

  6. Not that you have any firsthand experience…..

  7. It’ll be skiddish for a little while but leaving crickets it’ll hunt will help it

  8. It takes more brain power for you to do daily tasks and that takes a physical toll on your body. You also probably are not well rested when you sleep.

  9. That’s not fair. I have been canceling the trips if it is too far. I got my first warning but I honestly don’t care at this point if they deactivate me. I cannot take loss trips. It is also not fair to customers when I cancel at the arrival. I tell them I am sorry I cannot take this trip and have to cancel. I feel really bad but this is my fight against games that lyft and Uber plays

  10. It took a while for me to maintain the acceptance rate. I use the destination mode if I’m only planning to drive short distances.

  11. Gold tier. But not always. Must maintain high acceptance rate. If you get a ride while you are dropping someone off, Won’t show destination until accept like everyone wlse

  12. 25 a hours is nothing Look at how many miles you put on your car A day Then look at what you made do the math to see what you made per odometer mile Cars don't break down by the min or hour that is why they go by the mileage. If you own add up you monthly Car payment and insurance times it by 12÷365 days you will see what you can't touch per day You can do that with your gas you maintenance as well You will have oil changes based on miles on car Look at your daily mileage and you get get a good guess So if your 25 a hour you must take everything to get that value which is cool

  13. I did the math like you suggested. But once I add up my car expenses and decide by day it’s $24 <— what does this value mean?

  14. There is technology that allows them to know. But mine is always mounted, yet numbers are super low. I’m getting my customers to write a review saying that my phone is mounted. And then I will send it to Lyft.

  15. Same here. I put my phone in the mount before I even start the car, and it stays there the entire time until I'm parked again. My guess is that shitty Michigan roads are to blame because they're shaking the phone.

  16. Yeah, and mine doesn’t have a clip on the phone it’s a magnetic mount. So my guess is the metrics need to be calibrated or something.

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