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This hits me right in the feels

  1. Absolutely brilliant mate! thank you for your hard work and well done. 343 take note, this is how you make a BTB map!

  2. If you still have that .pdf for the 1KZ, I'd love a copy. Not much info on it here stateside.

  3. no problemo, just pm me your email and i will flick it to ya. cheers

  4. hey mate, cant help on the engine but have the 1kz workshop manual as a pdf if you need it. cheers

  5. Hey mate would you be able to shoot me a copy of the workshop manual?

  6. no problem mate, just flick me your email in a pm and i'll fire it across. cheers

  7. Sure would love an update on this too, been waiting for XCH transfers since it was announced that it was coming to the platform...

  8. i am also keen to find out when XCH deposits will be coming, in the same boat as you.

  9. gorgeous render, the sea duck has my vote for best fictional air plane.

  10. PC on a Benq 1080p 60hz DLP Projector at 100", so very immersive

  11. I've been signed up forever, meet the minimum spec, and haven't got invited to either flight. I'd really appreciate a spare code for pc if anyone's got one

  12. been waiting for someone to make a mod for Kabul to make it look more legit for some humanitarian air lift scenarios

  13. There is a youtube video test from before the series x version of MSFS launched...

  14. i use this setup with my computer through my home theater and it works a treat for me.

  15. just thought id share the old girl with you gentlemen of culture

  16. the aircraft needs an update from its developer to be fully compatible with Sim Update 5.

  17. not alone there bud, game is near unplayable for me with the increased stuttering. have tried tweaking settings, limiting frame rate etc and no luck, hope someone else has a fix or osobo release a patch that actually works

  18. I agree with your wariness of modded vehicles. I'm also wary of the relaxed and possibly neglected life of the soccer mum variants too, although i would l love to start fresh with a clean skin one. Plastic bumpers etc ready for me to mod it for my needs. I think I'd rather one thats been used offroad than one thats been used as a towing pig.

  19. pros and cons in both camps i suppose, i just prefer starting off with something as close to stock and building from there. but yeah if you get something already kitted out, someone else has already spent the money for you (as long as everything was done properly), just make sure its not something someone has thrashed.

  20. 100% agree. Unfortunately the cost of freight will end up far cheaper than a flight or 2 to QLD, plus the fuel to drive home, time off work, possible corona restrictions, the list goes on. See how we go, i will have one one day!

  21. good luck with it mate, if ya got any other questions feel free to give us a yell, cheers

  22. The 747 is actually significantly more maneuverable than the A320. Sure the A320 has a lower stall speed, but the 747 will fly circles around it

  23. you can really throw the A320 around if you turn off the following switches on the overhead panel (left side) ELAC 1/ SEC 1/ FAC 1 (right side) ELAC 2

  24. just curious, have you removed the power limits on your 8700 so that it maintains a constant 4.3ghz all core boost? if not then there is some free performance there if your using it for sustained workloads or heavy gaming. cheers

  25. No I’ve never heard of this? I don’t have the 8700k so I just thought it came how it came. Never looked anymore into it. You wouldn’t happen to have a tutorial for this would you? Definitely something I’d look into.

  26. so the 8700 has a 65w tdp and a short power boost of around 122w for a duration of approx 28 second (depending on your MOBO), so the processor under load will boost to 4.3ghz all cores for 28 seconds till it starts to power limit throttle and will drop the boost down well bellow that. this also prevents thermal throttling because of the crappy intel box cooler. since you have already got an upgraded cooler, heat shouldnt be a problem.

  27. I use intel extreme tuning utility on my 8700 to keep it at all core turbo boost indefinitely by removing the voltage limitation, as long as your cpu cooling is up to the task under load then there should not be an issue. (i did upgrade my cooler)

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