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  1. Honestly the world is so vast. There’s endless possibilities and opportunities to better yourself. People don’t try and then cry when their lives suck. Obviously it’s gonna suck because you put no effort towards bettering your life. All I can say is there’s plenty of reasons to live. Find one and seek help.

  2. Suicide is for the weak and the cowards, they should roll the dice and risk life and limb doing stunts until their luck runs out for the public entertainment.

  3. Lmao and she’s dumb enough to keep the baby. Good job man. You just lost your wife and gained a kid you’ll probably resent for the rest of your life.

  4. You wanna know why he beat you? Because you refused to have sex with him, not because you didn’t flush the toilet. What happens the next time you say no while he’s drunk? I hope for your sake you never find out man

  5. I wouldn’t risk it tbh just get them now if you can afford them. There’s always a chance that the price increases instead and that may be the case with the way that they’re selling out

  6. Damn sucks when you have a hot mama that’s willing to be a trifling ho

  7. What in the bollywood movie is this?! I'm glad you're single now - he's clearly in love with her and girl you deserve your own damn Aditya from Jab we Met who literally goes cross country for you. But also sending you a lot of hugs.

  8. I love that movie thanks for the friendly reminder. Bout to watch it again 😂

  9. Cuz I’m witnessing a sad 26 year old woman trying to make a 19 year old feel bad about her body and boyfriend and it’s more depressing than the OP

  10. It’s not an obsession … it’s common sense

  11. Still illegal to share another party’s explicit photos with people those photos were not originally sent to. Having a kink doesn’t give you a pass to break the law or violate someone’s trust.

  12. She doesn’t know if he did or not. For all we know he told them that she got a new set of lingerie et etc

  13. Right now you’re jumping to conclusions. That doesn’t imply he showed them. He could have told them about the new set you got. If he hasn’t don’t anything fishy before I would assume he told them about it. If sharing sexual details about you and your sex life is something you don’t want happening it’s time you let him know you find it very inappropriate.

  14. I guess you’re in too deep now and won’t have the guts to leave him. Hey if you’re not gonna leave him at least find a man that makes you happy.

  15. YTA Way to use your recent diagnosis to be a selfish self-centered asshole. Damn

  16. I love the people here that think snooping on the phone is equal to the brother in law getting off to her content…..

  17. Um you don’t snoop on other people’s phone. Her shit is out there for everyone to see and do what they please. That’s her BIL’s phone not her husband. She’s weird for snooping on his phone. Both are equally creepy.

  18. Lots of us mythics are in epic as well. You gotta wait a month or two for all of us to get out or it’s just a hot mess. Actual epics and legends on your team vs the other team having all mythics. It’s a shit show lmao

  19. You can now actually tell if you were destined to get fkd since moonton changed the profile card(what you see before you get to someones profile post match) to green for former Mythics

  20. Your mother in law is too immature to visit again. She’s a grown fucking woman. This is absolutely pathetic.

  21. OP stated she was physically abused before if i recall correctly. Sounds like MIL never got therapy for her trauma

  22. It’s lavender rose quartz! It’s a little more opaque than purple fluorite and…I almost wanna say creamier colored…? Idk but it’s very pretty! Fluorite is one of my favorites tho and I have lots of it 💕

  23. Wow never heard of lavender rose quartz 😍😍 yeah I have a purple fluorite tower that looks exactly like yours

  24. She is 😍 also I peep what I assume is purple fluorite next to her 🥰

  25. Nah bro this isn’t it. Two months deep just keep it casual and if it tries to turn serious dip. Never known anyone to lose it over milk

  26. I’m predominantly Indian and black with a quarter Filipino mixed in. My husband is half Chinese and Vietnamese. Should have seen my face when they handed me my full Chinese baby. She looks absolutely nothing like me. I was surprised tbh. I made a lot of comments about her being a full Chinese baby since I’m so dark skinned in comparison. Ofc my husband understood there was no malice. She’s three months now and it’s no surprise to me anymore. Colorism is so prevalent in our communities. My whole family is raving positively about her white skin. His family is raving positively because she looks full Chinese. I’m sure your girlfriend means no harm. It’s hard processing the baby that came out of you looks nothing like you when you feel like they should. Hope that makes sense.

  27. "colourist" what a polite way to say racist

  28. Colourism is a huge issue within the black community. It’s different from racism.

  29. Crying and throwing juice? My 4 and 6 year old don’t do that anymore lmao. Girl if you don’t leave your toddler ass husband idk what to tell you. He didn’t want you to go to your BROTHERS WEDDING. Not a friend, YOUR BROTHER. OP please you sound like you don’t have kids yet don’t wait till you do. L E A V E

  30. Right? My three year old is learning not to throw things when she's mad. This dude is on the same level as a damn three year old.

  31. Fr I am appalled. He has the emotional intelligence of a three year old.

  32. You’re cheating dude. Of course your wife went off the rocker. You guys are cheating on your spouses. Smh

  33. Hey man. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I need you to read your posts over again. Your partner is stringing you along. She doesn’t care about your feelings, it seems like she has no remorse and doesn’t care about reconciliation. Don’t do this to yourself. You deserve much more than that. A person who tries at least.

  34. I had the exact same trigger! My partners cheating varied over 12 years. The first 6 were an active crush on his "best friend" at work. The girl who I became friends with and trusted him with. She didn't like him back and I am pretty certain thats the only reason he didn't physically cheat back then because he was really into her! Sent her a dick pick too...months after we moved into our first home together. Then when we were in Europe a few years later, he emailed her saying how much he missed her and how he couldn't wait to see her in 8 days! Wow!

  35. Goodness gracious. What is there left to save in this marriage? It sounds like you’d be better off with anyone but your partner.

  36. You know, I agree. But then some days I'm with him and he's doing all the right things, and its like I forget temporarily how f'ng awful he was. I was utterly gobsmacked he did any of this. He's such a straight edge man, that always treated me like a queen. I noticed it changed a bit after having kids...like he didn't want to rub my feet anymore type thing, sometimes he'd raise his voice, but it was rare! I am the hothead of the relationship, but I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I thought if he wasn't happy he'd tell me. And it turned out he was burying things!

  37. I’m sorry. I hope everything works out for you all. Man love is so complicated.

  38. YTA kid. Step mom was being a mom and you don’t like that. Your own mother would have acted the same way if she were alive. I guess it’s a good thing she never got to see how much of a dick you’d become.

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