1. It's fun imo, nobody's will recognize him on Reddit anyway

  2. Someone could easily recognise him mate. Or it could come back up in the future

  3. Could be microdose pellets I’ve seen them sold online before or microdots. But they’re usually a lot tinier than that these look sketch af

  4. Weed. My armpits be smelling dank sometimes

  5. Yeah only my first time taking acid tho. I’m not sure if me and my mate were just so fucking high or we actually had some telepathic shit going on

  6. I have friends that used to take so much, that they would need to take like 8 e‘s to even feel anything. This was just insane.

  7. They were probably really underdosed at the same time. Either way still large doses of mdma

  8. I don’t take xans but aren’t “hulks” supposed to be green?

  9. So wait they are green? Looking at it now I think I can see the tiniest shade of green lmao 😂

  10. Keep doing it then and see how you quickly change you brain chemestry and your personality

  11. MDMA is fine when taken every 2-3 months wtf are u talking about mate

  12. Send me a source then that proves it’s bad to take mdma that often then

  13. Melatonin, CBD. Lad half these drugs u listed don’t even get you high

  14. An old friend of mine. He used to rail and bomb upwards off 5gs of mdma a week. He’s been off it a year now after roughly 2 years on it and the guy is an absolute fucking mess.

  15. senses White, Clumpy, hard to make powder (could be humidity), came in easy to break slab, rocky, bubble brown in fire, smells chemical (acetone or baking soda?), taste horrid, High/Experience (snorted) Numbing, Heavy, Very Clumsy, bad hand eye coordination, odd movement in person, nervous (rarer), very runny nose, swallowing is quite a task, teeth feel weird, calm, can’t feel lower face, buzz ( similar to Ops), last 1-3 hours, feel heavy, dry mouth (not bad like weed), somewhat addictive Maybe Opiates, Opioids, Amphetamine, anesthetics?? maybe it’s supposed to be used in a different way

  16. Actually sounds just like some decent or good coke

  17. I know it’s none of my business but you should take a break. Your post history just reeks of abuse. Is M even affecting you at this point?

  18. Synthetic lsd? Look it up test it, at all costs

  19. “Synthetic LSD”?? Is lsd not already synthetic mate

  20. They’re the chewable xan bars. Taste quite minty or fruity I’d recommend only eating half they always have me on my ass

  21. cleanest roll i’ve had - no comeup anxiety or nausea, no paranoia- clear head space. Pure euphoria

  22. I think there’s a very big difference in snorting sugar and mdma that it would be too easy to tell if it was just sugar

  23. Nah 3-4 weeks I’d say. I’d recommend cutting off some of the leaves at the bottom of ur plant. Allows more light to hit it

  24. Anyone else feel like they can’t breath in as much when tripping ?

  25. Exactly I found a really nice mature looking seed in a bag of skittlez cake and thought I’d throw it in with the rest of the grow and it’s looking beautiful so far. Better than some of the clones I bought

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