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  1. Kas yra šlykščiausias dalykas pasaulyje

  2. Aatrox and the Darkin are pretty inactive and overall nothing's happening with them right now. Mordekaiser is contained and just at a really weak position. Viego has just been stopped, and I don't think that Rito would be willing make a Thresh event. Asol is only pissed at Targon. Xerath is also not evil enough yo be the main bad guy. My bet is on the void and the Watchers.

  3. I thought nazis in Baltics was baseless rumor but seems like I was mistaken.

  4. Time to reclaim abrene and use the wartime situation to reclaim roņusala and palanga

  5. France and Spain would probably be the main victors (Assuming they don't turn on each other). Prussia could't unite Germany. Austria/Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire would still collapse (though, probably not that hard, they would probably remain regional powers. There is no USA. Spain controls most of the Americas, while France controls most of Africa. Rzechpospolita is still partitioned. I son't know further.

  6. Rightfully, German clay!!!

  7. If it was independent i would consider it as a baltic state

  8. Werner has a WW1 German uniform (at least the helmet), which means that he served in the military. The mission is called 'Murine Corps' (I think Murine is some kind of rat creature). 'Murine' sounds like 'Marine', which indicates that he served in the Navy/Marines. Generals command armies, while Admirals control navies. By the way, this is in the context that Werner is a military commander. In reality, I think that he was just an elite marine troop.

  9. Ok people are actually starting to overrate this rat

  10. Depends on the country. If you're American, then no. There is absolitely no reason to join the military

  11. Not necessarily 'alive', but probably existent, holding on to a dead corpse.

  12. *Commie Russia and her colonies, without which Russia would never win the war

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