1. If my neighborhood turned into a crime zone Andrew Tate would most likely be the culprit

  2. Choking him to death against the wall (especially with only 1 arm) is so badass.

  3. Can people PLEASE shut the fuck up about lore and filler. We go through this literally every season. We get classic Rick and Morty non serialized adventures with small bits of lore or character growth for most of the season, and then get 1 or 2 massive lore episodes in the back half. This episode was fun and had interesting concepts just enjoy it for what it is and chill out

  4. White guy mowing down hundreds if not thousands of mercenaries without taking a scratch is fine. But having a Black woman that is a trained fighter in her prime beat up said white guy is TOO FAR CUCKMAN IS SINGLEHANDEDLY WOKIFYING GAMING

  5. All her superiors died when rick escaped space prison and crashed the federation currency

  6. You watch OneyPlays for the games. I watch OneyPlays to hear about Dave and Lyle making homemade fleshlights. We are not the same

  7. Gus literally invites Waltuh to his home and talks about his very real wife and children in BB s3 e11 dumbass

  8. She-Hulk: "I would KILL for you Megan The Stallion" MTS: "Have you heard of esteemed lawyer Howard Hamlin?"

  9. I've always found that kinda spurious. Like, why not just claim they put a dollar in your pocket seeing as it's not like there's any video proof of it happening anyway?

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