1. Any issues with not having enough eye relief with the larger scope? The area 419 scope mount didn't push the scope far enough forward for my vortex diamondback so my cheek would almost be completely off the rest on the stock. Had to get a Warne mount to make it work.

  2. Great build! 👍 looking to start one of my own, what made you decide to start with a MTR model over say a pro varmint? Secondly how would you prioritize your mods if you were to do it again?

  3. MTR has the match chamber. I’d only go with the Varmint if I wanted to make a gun that fell into production class.

  4. I ordered two after the import ban was announced. Looking forward to shooting them some time in 2024 when the transfer is processed.

  5. I think the shortest my stocks go is the second from last position. Maybe. I’ve been slowly switching over to fixed A2 stocks for this exact reason. I never use the adjustability of the carbine stocks. I crank it out to the last spot or second to last and it stays there forever. But no there are some people who like the little entry length stocks. Seen people asking about them here and on gafs.

  6. I switched to A2s for the same reasons but also because the gap between the stock and the tube pinches my beard hairs and rips them out

  7. Does anyone know what the "initial review" is? My pal has completed the initial review and has been sent to the cfo. But what happens during the review , backgrounds checks?

  8. Initial review is just ensuring that there are no mistakes in your application.

  9. Trying to call the B.C CFO but it keeps saying their office is closed so far i've called from 2pm - 4pm and I keep getting no response. Is 9530 even their extension?

  10. Spray paint. My fall project is to get set up to do Cerakote.

  11. Thanks! I did it in a COVID fever and I still liked it after I got better.

  12. 6) Jump up a tier in optics and and immediately think the tier you were until two minutes ago is shit.

  13. How much does your rifle weigh? I found I could not get my rifle heavy enough in a XRS chassis for PRS to be able to spot hits and misses, but with the ACC it's perfect.

  14. I use the wiebad fortune cookie and the mini fortune cookie primarily with a 6mm Creedmore and rimfire honestly there are some shapes of barricade that each works better on. For example the local match director loves ladders and shooting off each rung the smaller bag works better also for stages with cut outs in plywood sheets. I am by no means a pro but building a stable firing position is less about the bag and more about practice. I haven't used a Comanche bag.

  15. I don’t think I’ve encountered a barricade that won’t work with the small support bag. I do probably need a longer Arca rail so that the tail end of the one I have on the rifle now doesn’t catch the bag while recoiling and throw me off.

  16. VW B6 Passat. There’s a space in the door for an umbrella that’s accessible when you open it. It’s connected to the door drain so it won’t get gross.

  17. Trying to decide on a mount for mine and the 419 looks sweet, just worried about the height. Has it bothered you much?

  18. Nope, I’m shooting PRS with it so the height isn’t really a problem.

  19. Just switched my 18's back to 16's. Like driving on a cloud...

  20. I already feel like I’m in a Space Shuttle launch in my Passat on 16s with some of the roads here. I have no idea how people ride on 18s without a mouth guard.

  21. I have OEM 19s on my Passat (A33), luckily California roads are good, so I don’t notice too much.

  22. California had some of the smoothest highways I’ve ever driven on outside of the Middle East.

  23. Just curious, what’s the point in a brake on a bolt gun? I figured it was for quicker follow up shots on semi-autos

  24. CZ 457 and a Diamondback Tactical. Pretty standard starter combo that you can grow with.

  25. I’ve tried everything from red dots to 6-20x on my ARs and always end up back at LPVOs. Good choice.

  26. To be honest I don’t like it. Makes the car look like the very base version.

  27. They’re not as sporty as I’d like, but they’re a big improvement over the old ones. I am considering getting them powder coated to give them a bit more pizazz.

  28. Yeah my roads are pretty shit here but I’m gonna risk it and go 18s for my nice wheels, I have a lifted Jeep for winter here

  29. There’s this absolutely massive four lane wide divot in the highway nearby. It absolutely can’t be avoided, and it’s on a fairly steep downhill so slowing down to the speed limit even puts you at risk for getting rear-ended. That spot alone is enough to keep me off 18”s.

  30. I really like continental tires in general. I’ve been impressed with them. Just gotta understand the limits of grip with a fwd car.

  31. Same here. I had Continentals on my Toyota and they were the nicest part of the car.


  33. I can get a tuning kit here in Canada with the Audi R8 coils and the spark plugs. I’ll give it a try.

  34. I’ve always wondered… can you just hose down under the hood with water? Never cleaned the engine bay before.

  35. Yes but leave the engine cover on. You can get water in your ignition coils which will cause misfires and lots of angry codes.

  36. Using a ballistic calculator, you can figure out how many MOA you need to hold over to hit a target. If you’re stationary and there’s no time limit I recommend dialing your elevation, but for competition, the reticle will help you engage multiple targets at known distances so long as you have the adjustments calculated in advance.

  37. Only reason to get a Savage is price and barrel changes are easier.

  38. Whilst I haven't seen a build of the Flanker, by all reports of other kits there's a reason they are called "Shitty Hawk". Some interesting (and as you found comparatively expensive) larger-scale kits, but not known for ease of build or consistency of quality. No doubt part of the reason they went out of business last year.

  39. Well familiar with Scalemates. Just didn’t do my due diligence checking first.

  40. i have built 2 kitty hawk models - and they were really bad - poor part fit - and on one there was a 30 part engine that ended up being fully enclosed in the kit - like couldnt see at all.

  41. There are 1:35 scale armour modellers who will do a full interior and then close all the hatches. There are weirdos out there that like detail they’ll never see again.

  42. Not taken the extractor completely off the bolt yet but sounds like it would be worth doing at this point. I have considered ordering an aftermarket one as well.

  43. Have you tried running better quality ammo through it? The Bergaras can be picky on ammo. Try some SK Standard Plus, SK Flatnose/Rifle/Long Range Match, Eley Match, or Lapua Centre X.

  44. What bullet will you be using, and Short or Long action?

  45. Tac Canada did this rifle and I’ve seen his other work. He’s good. Reach out to him if you have a project, he’s really easy to work with.

  46. Kids these days, not even knowing a Rhodie baby shit green camo job when they see one.

  47. Yeah it is ugly... you were trying to humble brag and it was cringe.

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