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  1. Classic 90s watch. Saw this many times on VHS.

  2. I'll take every opportunity I can to recommend Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon. Arguably one of the most complex and difficult works of fiction ever written down. The use of language is extraordinary and doesn't really have a match in any work written in the postmodern era, in my opinion. It's a challenging book, so using secondary sources is highly recommended, but it's a profound and enlightening experience if you're willing to take the plunge.

  3. I enjoy Ragnarok a lot but I think Branagh absolutely killed it with the first movie. He set up a certain mythical, theatrical style that didn't continue with the rest of the movies.

  4. There seems to be a strong anti-science sentiment in lots of mysticism, meditation, spiritualism, alternative medicine, etc circles. Not all, but many.

  5. I think the trend of the right wing hippie has been growing fast since Covid/Q, but it’s always been somewhat a part of the culture.

  6. I think the Last Dab finally got to him. RIP

  7. I do, but it reminds me very much of a special someone who's hard to think about, so I don't revisit these songs very often.

  8. It’s a great story, but I’m not sure what the mystery is.

  9. We got Ellie Kemper AND a “ha-shaba-HOOOO”?? Iconic.

  10. I wonder if Sandler got his ha-shaba-hoo from Conan

  11. Even taking into account that rent was lower on average in 2018, when that graphic was posted, it's still very clearly pulling that 'it's a banana, michael' shit. No one is spending $615 a month on 'donations'. Where is there data? Where is their group of surveyed people that led to these statistics?

  12. I would have to work 4 full time jobs to make $100k

  13. I am Turkish and we sometimes use the word "Gaib" which refers to an invisible world beyond human's perception. Weirding could be the direct translation of Gaib. But yeah I do think it's a weird word

  14. I wanna add something. You know the famous phrase from the book which the Fremen fighters shouts out during a battle: "Ya hya chou hada!".

  15. Nice, that’s a good catch. Is that also a Turkic phrase?

  16. This is an extremely hard choice, but my instinct is to devour those cinnamon rolls one at a time.

  17. Thanks for the thoughtful reply and for looking deeper into the wiki. That pretty much answers my question.

  18. In a lot of cases, it's inherited almost like a religious belief. Your family are Leafs fans, and so you are one too. It's not about the players or the staff, but the team as a concept. It's ideological.

  19. I definitely get that, that's pretty much what I figured, still kind of a mystery to me why people get so intensely emotional about it, but I guess the emotions are about more than just the game at that point.

  20. Would that total the truck? Like would the whole engine have to be replaced?

  21. Anyone who says "Oh, you like that band? Name three songs." is absolutely a poser.

  22. That's like 3/4 of them, but fair enough.

  23. Some of my favorite stark Expressionist photography, along with Eraserhead, Metropolis and Citizen Kane

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