1. If you want to I guess. You're going to lose a lot of focal lengths for one camera though, and the glass isn't any cheaper than the bodies.

  2. I'm still a bit ignorant as to the post-left and syndicalist/ ancom split, and I'd like to learn more. So take what I say with a grain of salt. But I think there's value and truth in both ideologies.

  3. Are you imposing a hierarchy on someone by parking in front of their garage and preventing them from leaving? Seems like a pretty big and meaningless rhetorical stretch to me.

  4. wouldnt change much, Russia and Germany basically changing places in history

  5. It’s highly unlikely that you see a fascist Russia, you’d most likely see yet another liberal republic which it was already establishing prior to the the October revolution. With a socialist Germany you not only don’t see the Nazis, but you get a more democratic socialist republic, and socialism itself likely spreads farther west or at least be more successful in countries like France. You also get knock on effects like a higher chance of the Falangists losing the civil war without Nazi Germany to support them and get their troops over to the Iberian Peninsula.

  6. at the civil war the whites were by and large proto-fascist, if the bolsheviks lost out some form of fascist governance wouldve been established. even if youd avoid the October revolution in its entirety I have a hard time seeing the same people just vanishing.

  7. It really depends on the timeline here but if we're assuming Lenin dies before the October revolution and it's avoided I think it's relatively safe to say there isn't anything to unify both monarchists and liberals as one reactionary force. As far as western Europe there were huge socialist movements both before but especially after the great war. A socialist Germany could have changed the nature of those movements. I mean this is all alternate history mumbo jumbo. There's no way to know for sure, but what we probably can know is we wouldn't be looking at a near identical exchange of events.

  8. My trust for Google to handle my data in my home is at the lower end of the big tech spectrum.

  9. The way I see it they're already going to get my data through their services, and they have a massive interest in keeping that data secure in order to keep trust in their brand and keep the data flowing. I oddly enough trust Google about as much as I can trust any of the big platform companies with my data. They risk a lot more than most by treating it haphazardly.

  10. My only real complaint with the Pixel 7 hardware (coming from an iphone XS) is the size. I've adjusted to it but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be happy if they took another .7" off the thing.

  11. Hard disagree. The old one seems like it's gonna fall apart at any moment lol

  12. I've been using one for over a year (and it's gone back and forth across two apartments and an office) and it's still in perfect shape. Not too worried about it falling apart.

  13. Let's start with B. The answer to this nature of questioning can have a variety of different answers but the simplest and most common is that existing workers and infrastructure don't go away over night. What changes is how they're organized. Supply lines would be divorced from their ownership and handed over instead to the workers who actually make them run. Decisions would be made cooperatively, depending on the scale some workers may opt into different democratic practices of organization.

  14. I think if he had a plan he wouldn't have spent months in court trying to get out of buying twitter. He was pressured to buy something he probably never really wanted and has no idea how to spin that as a win for him. All he can think to do is gut it and hope a skeleton crew can run it at a cheaper operating cost before eventually making the company public again. There's no plan, he's just a rich redditor who thought it would be a cool flex to say he could buy twitter.

  15. Is that better than my Contax T2?

  16. They're totally different cameras. Not really comparable. It's like asking if someone's car is better than your motorcycle.

  17. So what we seem to be conflating here is power and authority ---with the unspoken conclusion that all power is authoritarian. While all authority features power, power itself is not authority.

  18. It's not at all the same Nokia with those lovely organic looking Scandinavian designs. All HMD Nokia can produce now are boring same as the rest phones with absolutely no character.

  19. This reeks of a political compass framework (not an accusation) which assumes an inherent relation between these ideologies. There’s a world of difference between anarchism and Leninism, anarchism and lassaize faire capitalism, anarchism and social democracy. We don’t share a framework or even the same set of goals with these groups. We may occasionally overlap in specific areas, but that doesn’t mean anarchism should be subsumed into some larger imagined front united by a vague idea of proximity to one another relative to the authoritarian right. The kinds of unity that should be perused by anarchists imo are workers unity, community unity, international solidarity.

  20. Gotta join the chorus of C. As soon as I saw the Hasselblad and the FM3A it was over.

  21. Have them get into the nitty gritty. What parts work? What needs to exist in order for those parts to work? Are those parts capitalistic at their core or simply a feature that can be shared by many models of organization (for instance global exchange is not necessarily capitalist.)

  22. If you like the surrounding ecosystem that much I'd stick with the iPhone. Not that the Pixel isn't a great phone, I love mine, but the differences between modern flagships are pretty slim at this point. Just my unsolicited 2¢

  23. Superior Merchandise by far. Disclaimer, I've not tried Jacob Alejandro's yet.

  24. Don’t waste time, go to Jacob Alejandro

  25. Disabling a feature that is supposed to work on a flagship phone (or any phone) definitely is a problem.

  26. It is but it looks more like a network issue than a phone issue. Depending on where you live the 5G situation is so bad that your connection is basically non existent. I'm also a Verizon customer and by my house and most of the city I live in 5G is abysmal, meanwhile if I cross the river to a city 12 minutes from me the 5G connection is fine. At this point I really don't think it's the phone.


  28. I find it amusing that what you really should have said is “they spent money to make it so the republicans would more likely pick loser candidates in winnable seats”

  29. Yeah I understand their rationale, their rationale is just dangerous. It's the same rationale that caused the Hillary campaign to push for Trump and how did that go for all of us? We can't assume fascists will be unpopular with Republican voters, because this far it hasn't upset their appetite. I would love for the Dems to play dirtier, just not by giving fascists bags of cash.

  30. Different anarchists and different anarchist traditions (no laissez-faire capitalists, you don't count) have different answers to this question.

  31. Elegant for elegant users. Someone who's simple and can't find the home button 😀

  32. Nah, I may be a happy iPhone to Pixel convert but iOS is great (this doesn't negate Android's value mind you) and has plenty of benefits that would cause someone to stick with it. If I wasn't as interested in tech and bored by 8 years of iOS I'd probably still be on the iPhone pipeline.

  33. For sure! I've been very happy with the Pixel experience so far and I've already bought into the Pixel Buds Pro which are great companions to the phone. Excited to see what the tablet amounts to. I love my iPad but a Pixel tablet could be cool. I'm less likely to switch away from the iPad but I'm still interested.

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