1. I wouldn't be "worried" but it does seem a bit thinned. Though it's hard to tell since it's wet

  2. My the men on mothers side naturally have thin curly hair so that might just be a product of that.


  4. Okay, so i am not trying to tell you that you are or you are not balding. But, your wet, thin curly hair may look like this NORMALLY. You may have thin hair naturally, but when you were younger u just didnt notice that. Look at this photos of girls with wet, thin hair -

  5. Yeah, the men on my moms side all have their hair, I think i just have very fine curls. Will get my blood checked to see what minerals I’m lacking

  6. I salute you for trying alternative income streams. Wanted to try ecom and dropshipping too but I decided to focus on trading forex. How is your hustle going so far?

  7. At the end of the day, our beliefs shape our reality. It’s becoming increasingly clear to me what the power of belief has on the physical world. If we need to fight for a better world when the time comes we will, I have no doubt that the child sniffing elites no longer hold all the cards.

  8. A lot of people here don’t understand the difference between building a website and being a talented designer.

  9. CSS is by far the most valuable skill as it allows you to make something look good. Only a few clients ever asked me what I use for backend. They mostly want it to look pretty and if you can sling some CSS, you can make pretty much anyone happy and still use a builder to get the job done. But understanding flow, the cascade and flexbox as well as specifity are your hardest concepts to grasp, the rest gets pretty logical after that.

  10. Maitreya is not New Age but many misunderstand Buddhism. At the end of the day if you are worshiping a Buddha as a being to follow, you are doing it wrong. The buddha merely shows the way. I don't disagree with the sentiment of the post.

  11. I always had a dream about people laying on some sort of cosmic net or force field, this “net” was in a shape of a dome and these people were anything but human. It was a very weird dream that I wish I could remember more

  12. They don’t allow there to be a way, they cannot actually prevent us from leaving. Only trick is to the illusion that they can.

  13. Honestly it’s not out of the realm of possibility. But at the same time I don’t think it’s personally worth worrying about. Focus on your life and worry about your personal freedom/enlightenment, this planet and a good chunk of these people will unfortunately never wake up to the nature of reality. Enjoy this experience and if the rapture happens to come don’t run or fight it but accept it

  14. You see life as it is, learn and experience the nature of nonphysical reality and learn to live in the moment. You are the anomaly in the matrix

  15. I see, so angry at yourself. I would start to learn more about and act more in self compassion.

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