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  1. It's almost like a multinational Trillion Dollar Corporation created the show. If they can spend 500,000,000 on production, they can spend that much on marketing and buying reviews and *ahem* buying subreddits.

  2. I wish they would buy the subreddit. I’d like to not work 50 hour weeks at my regular job and then also mod the sub.

  3. REMINDER: This is the thread allows for book spoilers.. If you are aren't a book reader please join the non-spoiler thread is

  4. REMINDER: This is the thread that is for show-only watchers. If you are a book reader please don't share book spoilers here. Book spoiler thread is

  5. Y’all notice Isildur had more bites left on that Apple and he threw it into the ocean instead of feeding it to Berek?!

  6. I shouldn't be so willing to say this is the best episode of the season, easily, when its missing dwarves but here I am.

  7. it doesn't need to have sex scenes of course but even a kiss between certain people whom I will not name would irk a lot of people. but yes bronwyn and arondir kissed this episode, maybe the job of the coordinator is finished. let's hope that.

  8. oh I thought they did. I'll watch again tonight, I'll watch more carefully.

  9. I thought you were tying to hint about Galadriel and Halbrand because that’s what the internet is thirsty for. Those two don’t kiss.

  10. You are not criticising my post, you are criticising me.

  11. I’m criticizing your post. In a post where you are calling the writing lazy, I would expect the writing of the post to not be lazy.

  12. You are focusing on an irrelevant point that has nothing to do with my critique of the series, but rather is an underhand way of insulting me for saying something about the series that you don't like.

  13. sorry. first post of a thread. how do I block it from spoiling peeps?

  14. By marking it as a spoiler the image is blurred. I was coming to do it but either you or another mod updated it :)

  15. I figured it out quickly!! Thanks for having my back! The last thing I want to do is spoil anyone of this amazing episode!!

  16. Not a problem and welcome to the community! This truly was a "holy crap" moment.

  17. I’ve seen plenty of discussions around mithril, Adar, the stranger, Sauron, Gil galad, Celebrimbor….and the hot topic of Galadriel.

  18. This is fascinating data. I also have a preference myself for text based discussions and threads over video and images. I’m just old school like that I guess. It’s one of the reasons I love


  20. I’m not trolling. You attacked me for no reason and now you won’t leave me alone

  21. You literally trolled with your comments here and accused me of attacking you from alt accounts while I’m literally addressing you from my kid account.

  22. Don't worry. The show sucks anyway. No matter how many paid reddit mods and copy paste bot accounts tryna say otherwise. It's still gutter tier fan fic.

  23. Pointing out mods is forbidden. Easy way to get banned xp

  24. Or its a completely inaccurate statement as none of us are paid for this. Also, pointing out the mods is not forbidden. A user didn't like the prediction poll results and made an entire thread about me and guess what?... He wasn't banned!

  25. Part of the reason why GoT sucked at later seasons is because they inserted so much unnecessary shit. I think we should just all use our imagination.

  26. They time skipped in those seasons you are talking about and even Dany forgot about stuff.

  27. Reason for those time jumps because nothing or little to no importance has happened during those times. Simple really.

  28. Important things did happen though lol. Some of the characters changed completely from what they were ten years prior. Some of these had kids. How is Criston Cole still working there? There’s so much.

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