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  1. None. If you want to be a bone head put your money in a mattress for 30 years and write on a post it note “ for family”. It’ll be worth more.

  2. Just buy the car in cash. The credit card is all he needs for building credit.

  3. Well, $55,000 in cash and $1200 rent... so yes, you can afford to take a few months off.

  4. A HYSA isn't a different kind of account. It's just a non-crappy version of a savings account.

  5. One benefit to switching: transfers between Ally savings and Ally checking will be instant.

  6. You should focus on the highest APR debt first. Which in your case, is also the smallest amount. So pay off the 26% APR card right now. And then you should probably cut up the card so you aren't tempted to use it again.

  7. Yes, it makes more sense to switch to index funds right now, and harvest the tax losses.

  8. Money market funds haven't been paying much. My HYSA is better, paying 2.15% at present.

  9. Pay as much as you can, as soon as you can. That minimizes the amount of interest you pay.

  10. Maybe I’ll when to re-evaluate this after we figure out our living situation in November since I’m also worried about having the money to move and pay this debt off.

  11. You're thinking about this the wrong way. If you have a spending need that's more urgent than debt payoff, then spend your money on the more urgent need.

  12. So... if I hide it somewhere in the Kremlin, but don't gift or sell it, I won't die, because I still technically own it. And people in the Kremlin start dying of freak accidents.

  13. You haven't stated anything about your budget or your income...

  14. Unrealistic expectations and a lack of gratitude.

  15. I'm amazed that someone wrote that dumb shit and actually felt smug about it, like they had really shown us all something.

  16. Do you honestly think that people in the United States today have LESS FREEDOM when compared to people for the overwhelming majority of human history?

  17. I'd interpret as "I want to destroy you, and I'm willing to destroy myself to do it."

  18. I think total contributions from my company and myself only add up to 8.5% which isn’t the 15%. I’m going to see what percentage I am comfortable with. I was planning on contributing next year but I suppose it’s better to start now.

  19. How does magic healing work in your world?

  20. The Confederacy existed for like 5 years, for the express purpose of killing Americans to preserve human trafficking.

  21. Eh, I think the Civil War was mostly about slavery, but you're misstating some of the facts here.

  22. You should just increase your 401k contributions instead of using any IRA.

  23. Why wouldn't you pay off your credit card in full, if you have money in the bank?

  24. Every comment is listing a very common red flag that everyone agrees with.

  25. Wouldn't it make more sense to just... look at how expensive the phone is? I use a phone case but no screen protector, and haven't ever had any problems with cracked screens.

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