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  1. It does, yes. Make sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated 💜. Also if you crave salt it's likely because of this as well.

  2. I've looked in a mirror more in the last 2 weeks than I have my whole life

  3. I'm just over 2 months, and the effects I've had so far are no spontaneous erections, less sperm, takes a little more effort to become erect than before, and a slight uncomfortable feeling during ejaculation (I will be asking my doctor about this, idk if it's normal/common).

  4. My initial reaction was "wtf"....but like.. I would try it to be honest

  5. If he wants to be a femboy then there wouldn't be a transition? The context on the comic doesn't make sense to me unless the person is transmasc, but the flair is transfem, much confuse send help

  6. Be careful, if you spin too much you will get picked up by the wind and blown away!

  7. You're beautiful queen ☺️ I feel like you pass extremely well!

  8. First; debates are overrated. People often don't change their minds due to arguments especially not with people they have a vested interest in where pride is a motivator for the argument.

  9. This is amazing and exactly what I would of said (if I wasn't so lazy at 1am lmao)

  10. Keep in mind social transition can be walked back, it's mostly just medical transition effects that are permanent.

  11. It's hard because it can be a huge change in your life (and change is spooky). Take however long you need and do/change one thing at a time, you'll get to where you're going eventually 💖.

  12. It's a joke because musky boy ruined the feature that was used to verify people.

  13. Oh wow it actually gives you an Adams apple?! That's gotta be great for transmascs. I knew about voice changes, but I always assumed that part was fixed from childhood or something. TIL

  14. Everyone has an an Adam's apple, it's just that cartilage grows faster under testosterone, which is why cis men typically have more noticible Adams apple and bigger noses and such.

  15. You look fantastic, I feel the same about straight on shots, gotta get good angles 🥰

  16. So this is the real reason Daniel Radcliffe spoke up against Robert Galbriath; he knew hecwas go8ng to play a trans woman in the Yankovic biopic. It all makes sense now!

  17. I did not know who "Robert Galbraith" was but googled it because that is/was one of my last names, im glad I'm changing my last name now because that makes me feel kinda weird.

  18. I bet she's already plotting to knock the next cup off a ledge asap. 😼

  19. I don't think Finn is trans though, however I haven't kept up their content in some time.

  20. You don't have to buy blåhaj, but HOW DARE YOU CALL BLÅHAJ DUMB 😠😠😡

  21. I'm 6 lines in, and already I want to say, sex and gender are not the same.

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